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williamburell 05-20-2013 4:46 PM

Trade bindings?
Have a set of company co closed toe size 9 that I got last season. Finally got to trying them out and they are alil small for me. Anyone have any 10's they'd want to trade? If this is in violation of rules I apologize.

dezul 05-20-2013 6:25 PM

Tempting. I got a set of 10s that I picked up in August of last season and I have been using since.

A pair on ebay.


carter134 05-20-2013 6:41 PM

i have a set of tens i ll trade they are missing one mounting piece do you have any extras ? DM me

williamburell 05-21-2013 8:54 AM

scratch that. Bought a pair of Cells at lunch. If anyone wants the bindings straight up let me know. I'm impatient like woah

mark197 05-22-2013 11:55 AM

Are they the velcro Vandell's?

williamburell 05-23-2013 3:52 AM

lace up closed toe co's

VinnyA 05-23-2013 7:26 AM

^I reccomend going with the lace....I got the vandalls and kinda wish I had went with the lace. Also..go down a size if you're inbetween I have a 10.5 wide foot and went with 11s and now wear neoprene socks when I ride to fill up the dead space.

dezul 05-23-2013 7:31 AM

My laces on mine worn out within two weeks of wearing them. The clip wouldn't grip the lace anymore. I switched to a pair of boot laces with LF clips and I haven't had any issues out of them. They are definitely stiff.

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