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gene3x 05-20-2013 11:16 AM

Rad a Cage Tower racks
Does anyone know if the newer oval shaped mounts of the Rad a Cage racks are the same size as the older Rad a Cage mounts that were on the old original Launch towers?
:confused: Circa 2000 - 2002 etc....

gene3x 05-20-2013 11:16 AM

By newer I mean the Mobius rad a Cage tower racks.

gene3x 05-21-2013 3:38 PM

Nobody has any idea about the oval mounted racks on the older Supra's?
I need a set of them and cannot seem to find what I need without being unsure and having to pay "restocking fees" to send them back if they don't fit. :(

wakereviews 05-21-2013 3:50 PM

It should be the same. I used to sell the racks for those Moomba / Supra style towers and it was the same oval clamp. Don't hold me to it though :)

spencerwm 05-21-2013 6:01 PM

They are a 1" x 2" Oval Tube. Skylon, Fluid Concepts and Extreme Tower Products (XTP) all made a version of them. You might call Matt in service at Active Water Sports. I saw some in their over stock room a couple weeks ago when I was searching for a bimini clamp.

gene3x 05-22-2013 7:06 AM

Ok, thanks guys. I am on it.

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