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Lax 05-17-2013 11:29 AM

help rz2 pro ballast surf set up
sorry to ask and I know to do a search but I have been trying and just cant find what I am looking for.
Picking up my 2013 rz2 pro ballast next week and want to know the best stock surf set up taps setting etc. also when I want to go a bit bigger what is next? don't want bags on seats and not too crazy lots of little ones on board. Thanks in adv Grant.
PS board suggestions I am 180 lbs currently have a red woody but I think with the new boat I can get into something smaller thoughts?

cwb4me 05-18-2013 3:49 AM

Fill the surf side rear 100%. Fill the other rear bag 25 to 30%. Fill the front surf side bag full. Fill the other front bag 25 to 30%. Speed is about 10.5 to 11.5 mph. Taps at 4 . That should give you a nice wave. I have a Phase 5 Carbon X and I love it.My wife has a Phase 5 Colt and it's more locked in. Good luck.

tnvolgrad 05-18-2013 4:45 AM

As far as next steps in ballast - reach out to chpthrl on the Tige owners site. He has a custom bag that fits right in place and plugs in place of the factory surd ballast. Great bag and reasonably prices. I run mine a bit different that Robert - surf side 100% full and front 50% taps at 3. With that being said, I am now intrigued by running the opposite with 25-30% - learn something everyday to try.

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