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lugwrench 05-17-2013 6:19 AM

TrackingPoint Rifle
Anyone seen or heard anything about these? While I find the technology amazing, as someone who enjoys long range target shooting, I find this to be cheating, and taking all of the fun out of it.



Video of it in action

shawndoggy 05-17-2013 6:28 AM

put on a tri-corner hat and play a fife and that looks like a great way to repel a tyranical government's jackbooted thugs as they get off of their black helicopter on your front lawn. At least that's how I read it in my pocket constitution.

hunter660 05-17-2013 6:52 AM

I do agree it would take some of the fun out of it, but they act like a 500 yard shot is nearly impossible without it. If you understand gravity, 500 yards is not that hard. Much beyond that and it does get tougher, and ammo, rifle, optics, come into play as well as the shooter. You start getting out to 800 and further you better bring your checkbook and plan on spending lots of time practicing. If the thing sells for $22,000 I don't have to worry about it taking the fun out of shooting for me.

guido 05-28-2013 9:08 PM

500 yards is a warm up.

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