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mallenger 05-16-2013 5:49 AM

Water Temperature
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Feel free to chime in on what the temp is of the water on your lake or river. I'll start...
This is the reading in the channel taken from the water temperature gauge on my supra so it may not be 100% accurate. All I know is it's still pretty dang chilly for the heater top, but that isn't stopping us. This is taken on Fort Loudon lake in Knoxville, TN near the Pellisippi Parkway Bridge

Fx4210 05-16-2013 6:46 AM

Lake springfield - Springfield, il. 71.6 yesterday

dezul 05-16-2013 6:53 AM


I was out last night at Ft. Loundon in the Turkey Creek Cove near Concord Marina. The water temp was 68-69F. The main channel was 64-68 depending on where you drove. This is all from the gauge on the bottom of the hull.

I found a small run on the cove that Concord Marina is on just past Fox Road Marina where the water temp was 72- 74F. The run is small but the water temp is perfect for some quick pulls.

The water was a little choppy but we were able to find some butter deep in the coves.

boardjnky4 05-16-2013 6:58 AM

72.45 at Falls Lake in NC

williamburell 05-16-2013 7:18 AM

Tom thats at the intake and I think its off. By the bridge its no where close to that. My balls specifically stop running into my body when its above 70 and they were hidden

JayManAR 05-16-2013 7:23 AM

64 degrees at Beaver Lake in AR. I've been going out in a L/S Springsuit and don't think I will need it much longer

MrShelley 05-16-2013 7:44 AM

85+ on the outlet side of the local power plant lake. Low 70's on the inlet side.

will5150 05-16-2013 7:46 AM

Rode last night in Minnesota- smaller lake- was in this upper 50's.

jhartt3 05-16-2013 7:57 AM

Just shed the wetsuit for the first boardshorts run of the year yesterday ... 70.2

JamesHawk101 05-16-2013 10:28 AM

Low 80's in Florida.

boardjnky4 05-16-2013 10:44 AM


Originally Posted by williamburell (Post 1822552)
Tom thats at the intake and I think its off. By the bridge its no where close to that. My balls specifically stop running into my body when its above 70 and they were hidden

LOL good point.

Still, for Internet bragging rights, I will continue to post those numbers.

migs 05-16-2013 10:45 AM

low 70's at the Delta

816 05-16-2013 10:51 AM

65˚f Blue Springs Lake, MO

csswake3 05-16-2013 10:58 AM


Originally Posted by will5150 (Post 1822560)
Rode last night in Minnesota- smaller lake- was in this upper 50's.

Lake Riley?

canucked 05-16-2013 11:42 AM

Ice went off last week at our lake in Saskatchewan...lift goes in this weekend

Kane 05-16-2013 12:09 PM

It's about 50....still could be worse, could be in work :p

rugbyballa3 05-16-2013 12:13 PM

silver lake in eatonville wa. was 71 on may 11th. its only 25ft deep so it warms up fast and we had 2 weeks straight nice weather. now we are back to rainy may weather.

machloosy 05-16-2013 1:39 PM

50 Flat as of Tuesday night in Oneida lake NY. Full suit with socks and gloves haha

Heacock03 05-16-2013 2:21 PM

57 Columbia River, Oregon.... Just stopped using a full suit and went to a heater top.

Bumpass1 05-16-2013 2:35 PM

71, Lake Anna VA on this past Sunday

fly135 05-16-2013 3:01 PM


Originally Posted by JamesHawk101 (Post 1822616)
Low 80's in Florida.

Another month and it will be bath water. Just the way I like it.:)

wakebordr11 05-16-2013 3:37 PM

low 60s - 60 back where I'm from. Maybe 60 or cooler up here in VT depending where you're at

JohnP 05-16-2013 5:21 PM

70* in Atlanta

lfadam 05-16-2013 5:30 PM

About 65 here in SW Virginia. A good 5 degrees colder than average. Brutal winter/spring

RideGull 05-17-2013 12:19 PM

45 :( gull lake, mn

TBell 05-18-2013 2:06 PM

52 in Edmonton Alberta, it was a cold one

bftskir 05-19-2013 8:38 AM

so far it's between 75 and 81 in Central Cali

bryce2320 05-19-2013 1:38 PM

It was 49 the first time we got out on March 15. Thursday the water was around 64* and went without suits

mallenger 05-21-2013 6:02 AM

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It's amazing what a few day's in the 80's will do for the main channel temp. It felt much colder than 71 about 2 feet off the surface. Fort Loudon Lake in Knoxville near Louisville Landing Park

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canucked 05-21-2013 8:57 AM

Correction, got a call from our neighbours at the lake in Saskatchewan and the ice is still not gone as of Friday...

I'm getting a little antsy

will5150 05-22-2013 9:08 AM

MK- Yes Sir- Riley Lake it was. Riding there Friday all day, Saturday and Sunday too... Rode last week and it was upa couple degrees. I am guessing it's around 64 ish now..

csswake3 05-22-2013 1:20 PM

Nice, I haven't been out there yet this year, hopefully soon though

WssLife 05-26-2013 8:18 AM

Deer Creek-52; Utah Lake-61 warm enough to not use a wetsuit :P

fullspeed 05-27-2013 8:54 PM

Lake Tulloch in Ca. this weekend 68/69 degrees.

joeshmoe 05-30-2013 2:10 PM

Finally, water 70, air 85 in Northern Ohio!

superair502 05-30-2013 11:52 PM

water temp was 80 today in louisville kentucky air was 84

whiteflashwatersports1 05-31-2013 5:30 AM

Lake Kerr Fl, 84*

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