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RonBurgundy 05-15-2013 10:12 PM

Crystal cut polish with an orbital?
For some reason I cannot seem to find info on this. To remove incredibly light scratches I see boat candy has this product and looked at their video (as well as others) all outlining to use this product with a polisher.......I don't have a polisher and I do have an orbital. Could I get away using this or am I wasting my time and do I absolutely have to use this as an excuse for another tool?

RonBurgundy 05-22-2013 10:43 PM

Anyone know?

grant_west 05-23-2013 6:41 AM

IMO orbitals are only good for "wax on wax off"
They can't create enough heet to do what you are intending.
With out seeing what kind of scratches your trying to remove take some polish by hand and try a small section via hand. Don't use a bunch of Elbo grease just normal to light pressure .If you can remove the marks by hand then a orbital will most likely work.

But to do the job right I see a polisher in your future. Check Craig's list for polisher. Look for one with a variable speed so you can dial down the speed as you start off Slow how to polish.

tampawake 05-23-2013 7:25 AM

Harbor freight will have a cheepo that will work. I just finished doing this with my boat using the Boat Candy Products. I would contact PBC to make sure you get the right products. Not sure the CCP will remove the scratches. You may need to go with CC Compound then the CCP. If so use wool with the CC Compound then foam with the CCP. Seriously take some pictures and email the guys at PBC they are SUPER responsive and ready to help!!!!! Products worked great for me.

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