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Astepatatime 05-15-2013 7:15 PM

Inland Surfer 4-Skim Squirt
Okay - newbie wakesurfer here , with the thousandths thread about boards.

The whole family is new to surfing and we'd like to buy one board to start with. Big range of sizes from me (215) to wife (115) to 12 yo son (75).

We've read about a lot of beginner boards like Hyperlite Broadcast, but almost every review says people grow out of them quick.

So I was look at the IS 4-Skim Squirt. Specs say it handles 70-250lbs. Seems adaptable with changeable fins. And it be nice if it can stay with us as our abilities improve.

My main question is that its a skim board which may not be best for beginners. But it sounds like if you add two fins to make it a tri-fin, it behaves more like a surf style board.

So any advice on how this board fits our sizes and skill levels? Or other suggestions? TIA

biggator 05-15-2013 8:07 PM

My friend has one.. I think it's a pretty great all-around board. I'm not a real serious wakesurfer, so take that into consideration.. but from a casual rider - it's a LOT better than a Broadcast.

LKASurfing 05-16-2013 3:59 AM

Squirt is hands down the best beginner - intermediate boat board out there! I teach so many people on mine! If you are ordering a 2013 make sure you order an additional Delta fin. They are now a wood lock foam board, not compression molded. The dual fins will keep riders locked in the wake & help with drive!

have FUN!

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