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Ronix1andahalf 05-14-2013 3:52 PM

Hyperlite system binding defects
So I'm really considering throwing systems on my next board. I already have a board for boat and need a cable board, but I decided to go with a board that's a bit of a hybrid because I tend to like the way boards made for riding behind a boat feel better than a cable specific board. Regardless, the systems seem like a really cool binding to have and I would love to have my own set, but I hear a lot of people say that even though they're great on the water there are some defects. The AJ seems to be the most ideal boot for me, and I've talked to a couple of people I've seen using them at the cables. One thing they all told me was that sand always gets in through the bottom of the boot when swimming to the shore after a fall. I also had someone else tell me that his AJ's are basically just coming apart, and said not to get them, but those were the 2012's. Anyone know if there's a difference in durability between the 2012's and 2013's? As far as the sand goes, would wearing socks get rid of that issue? I'm just looking for general thoughts & experiences with the systems really, no one has really given me a yes or no answer to whether or not the pros outweigh the cons. thanks, josh

melvinator 05-15-2013 8:16 AM

I had last years aj's and rode them at wakenation cinci for 2 days and had no sand issue. Slight blister from 2 days walking in them, but they werent broke in and 1/2 size too big. Loved them at the cable, strap in and go.

MattClendenin 05-15-2013 8:46 AM

I have been on the systems for 2 years. Wouldn't trade them for anything. I love them riding boat and at the cable park. I do get some sand in through the bottom but the pros definitely out weigh the cons. I can wear my boots for 6 hours straight and my feet never hurt. I had the AJs last year and this year. I think this years boot is more durable and way more comfortable

ldebbold 05-15-2013 5:54 PM

Never rode cable but been on systems since they came out, version one and now version two. Love love love them behind the boat. I've got the 2012 blue AJs and they are holding up well so far. They do run a little big though.

superair502 05-15-2013 11:40 PM

All the sizes this year are a more true fit to normal shoe sizes. Before they were all a little tight in the arch area

Lennokz 05-18-2013 7:44 PM

Guys do you know if the 2013 system is compatible with 2012 boots?? want to get a pair of 12' AJ's on a 13' system..

Bam6961 05-18-2013 9:05 PM

Yes they will fit, they havent really changed the binding through the years. The major changes are were the 2011 toe strap, and the 2013 pro binding is just different material (foam) on the straps.
i have the 2011 webb boots with the 2012 binding.

Lennokz 05-19-2013 7:22 AM

Thanks! there isnīt any 12īblack system in closeout... just white, and I don't like the match up with the black boots..

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