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jhartt3 05-13-2013 2:08 PM

Guage Power wire ???
So i have a headunit that will push out 50W peak to 4 speakers so 200W total. It is turning off on me if i turn my speakers up too loud. I have read i need to replace the power wire. with a larger wire. What guage do i need to use or would you stereo guys recommend?



jpaul 05-13-2013 4:14 PM

14 is fine. Check your ground first, should be short and contact needs to be clean.

chpthril 05-13-2013 5:15 PM

wire gauge will depend on the total length. If its a short run to the battery for the head-units B+ and GND, then 14ga is sufficient. It the run is long, then step up to 12ga.

Midnightv10 05-13-2013 7:35 PM

Getcha a couple lengths of 2/0 power and ground and run them up to the head unit. You'll need to find some 2/0 to 14 reducing crimps though :cool:

Dmac420sj 05-13-2013 10:41 PM

Hey man you don't need 12 ga. Off your hu. 16 is fine.

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