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bnswan 05-12-2013 7:21 PM

seattle area
looking to ride during the week seattle area. lk WA, sound, dont matter. gas and beer is always included.

Wakesounds 05-15-2013 1:39 PM

We usually ride out of kenmore bay, sometimes early mornings sometimes evenings. Mostly varies on our work schedules. What area do you live? Do you have a boaters drivers liscense?

CDoogles 05-15-2013 3:18 PM

Ryan, what boat are you headed out in? I'm in the black and red MXZ out of Kenmore also.....

supersonicmi 05-20-2013 3:57 PM

I'm out on Sammamish regularly...send me a PM

CameronPettey 07-19-2013 8:52 PM

hey guys, i am looking for a pull. just moved out here and dont know anyone yet. ill help with gas, cleaning, etc. live right near kenmore by coulon park.

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