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homedawg678 05-12-2013 2:44 PM

Slingshot Warranty
So I have a 2011 Hooke that broke whilst riding today. The board itself didn't break instead it was the fast track mounting system in which the metal that reinforces it broke off preventing me from properly securing my boot.

I'll probably give them a call tomorrow but any idea what to expect? I realize it's fairly old and out of warranty but in this particular instance of it breaking is there anything they can do for me?


dwhouston 05-12-2013 3:59 PM

2011 Boards had some issues with the fast track system. I've heard of a lot of people breaking theirs. As long as you were the original buyer of the board, they should be able to help you out. Hope that helps.

bschall 05-12-2013 4:19 PM

I broke the tracking off of my 2011 reflex and got it warrantied and just recently broke it off of my 2012 reflex which sucks but I doubt it will be replaced.
If you have had your deck for longer than the boards warranty period you probably are SOL since they arent obligated to send you a new deck.

However there is no harm in trying to get it warrantied and the form that they use is simple to use


behindtheboat 05-13-2013 10:18 AM

Previous posters had trouble getting 2011 Fastrack warranties, which was very disappointing given SS knows it was a faulty design. However, personnel has changed at SS since then, so maybe they are now a bit more understanding they put out a faulty design. Haven't seen many 2012-2013 fastracks rip out, they fixed it for the most part I feel.

jdb11386 05-13-2013 6:17 PM

I broke the track out of my 2012 Hooke. I wasn't the original owner so I was basically told to buy a new board. Wasn't happy about it but they have it in writing so not a lot you can do about it. not going to bash them and I really liked the board other than the flawed design, but I probably will never have a slingshot board again.

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homedawg678 05-13-2013 7:19 PM

Yea I was the first owner. Talked to Kyle at slingshot today and they aren't gonna replace it but they might give me a discount on a new setup so definitely better than nothing

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