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RonBurgundy 05-12-2013 9:07 AM

Buena vista trip planning
Still making final decisions on a family trip (I'm coming from Fresno and they are meeting from corona area) in June. Don't know all of my options but it seems like buena vista is setup best for camping/leaving the boat in water, etc.....never been there but hoping for someone to confirm for me if its doable for a weekend trip? I don't expect perfect conditions but don't want to be surrounded by lunatics all weekend.

Hoping this would be a better place compared to castaic/pyramid.

Last question is I found an old thread talking about how the lake smells like cow poop.....is this the case? Obviously don't want to deal with that!

stoked_32 05-13-2013 10:19 AM

BV is a pretty good spot to camp and ride. But not during the summer. The lake is small, and you will be surrounded by 'lunatics' that will try to run your rider over on both ends. With that being said, it is still significantly better than castaic because the rollers dissapate really well on the shores. Every once and a while, the boats will all be on the other side of the lake, and you'll have one buttery pass. Castaic is white capped garbage and Pyramid is more of a party lake. Yes, the lake smells like cow poop twice a day. Once in the morning, and once in the evening, but it fades after an hour.

Overall, BV is your best option, great spot to camp, bbq, leave the boat in the water for a fun family type day. For any serious riding, wake up when the sun comes up and get all your riding in early. The water will be flat until about 10, while everyone is waking up and eating breakfast. Tip: don't blast your music, and your morning session will last a bit longer. Sometimes, all the boats get off the lake an hour early as well, and you can get a couple sunset sets in.

RonBurgundy 05-13-2013 10:20 AM

thank you!

aces6692 05-13-2013 2:35 PM

Completely agree with John. Buena is a fun place to camp. I grew up going there. You've definitely gotta be up early on weekends if you want good water though. I havnt been up there yet this year but I've heard the water level is really low ( just what I've heard) and it's already a fairly shallow lake.

ttrigo 05-13-2013 8:19 PM

I was there in october, and the water was really low as well. Basically unusable for those without an inboard.
John nailed it though. I have been on that lake probably 100 times in my life, and the weekends are the only times i have been pissed off at other boaters there. Love the all grass camp sites, and the ability to moor on the water overnight, right in front of your site. Bonus points for that.

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