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CRS_mi 05-12-2013 7:31 AM

Buying advice / intro to slalom
I just bought my first boat and want to get a slalom ski. I have always just used my parents obrien performer from their combo set when I go with them. Now that I have my own boat and can go more often I want something a little better. I'm 6'1" and 185lbs. Any suggestions on a good entry level ski that I can grow with for a while before having to drop big money if I get more into it? What size do I need? I have been looking at an HO triumph?

Therapy10 05-15-2013 9:24 AM

I have the HO triumph and like it a lot. It is a little wider than most skis which will make deep water starts easier and handles choppier water well but it will not hold you back. 67 or 69" would be the most appropriate sizes in my opinion. I don't think the model has changed much in the past few years so I'd look at an older one to save some money.

behindtheboat 05-15-2013 4:00 PM

check ski-it-again.com for deals, and craigslist. The new HO Freeride would be similar too. I would go with longer length, makes it easier to get up and ride longer, just harder to turn

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