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ragboy 05-12-2013 2:01 AM

Wakesurf Terrorism, save the goat!
A senseless tragedy has occurred, and we would request your aid in helping us solve this heinous crime. RJ is having another custom board made by Soulcraft Custom Boards after damaging his favorite 4.8 Jetty during the the Z3 Three Ride.

Jeff Wahlers from Soulcraft was nice enough to lend RJ his own personal board while RJ is coping with the loss of his Jetty. RJ has been socking the board after every use and taking great care with it so that it can be returned in the same condition until his new board is done. His new board may not be ready in time for the West Coast Wakesurf Open, so it is urgent he has this board to ride at his home event. All was well, until late this evening.

Three disguised terrorists have somehow stolen the board and have threatened to deface it unless RJ meets their demands. I can't go into the full details but I can tell you it involves large sums of money and one of RJ's beloved baby goats.

3 Terrorists by wake9, on Flickr

RJ has been given a limited amount of time to comply with the demands of the 3 terrorists.

IMG_3511 by wake9, on Flickr

The investigation is ongoing and authorities are at a loss due to the devious nature of the crime, extremely clever disguises, and no traces of physical evidence.

If anyone has any information regarding this senseless act, please contact us immediately, you may save the life of one of RJs baby goats.

Here are some pictures of RJ riding the board today, in case you happen to see it somewhere.

IMG_6538 by wake9, on Flickr

IMG_6591 by wake9, on Flickr

IMG_6637 by wake9, on Flickr

IMG_6652 by wake9, on Flickr

IMG_7035 by wake9, on Flickr

Thanks in advance for your help.

Rob17 05-12-2013 5:18 PM

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Which one will it be??? Hope you catch those guys. Would hate to see those two separated.
What has this sport come to? I will donate a couple of baaaaaaa..ucks..... I mean bucks to the ransom if ya think it will help...:D

wofrankwo 05-12-2013 5:26 PM

I wonder if the Most Interesting Man in the World has any Ideas as to who would be so Insensitive to a Young Mans Love!!

ragboy 05-12-2013 6:43 PM

Thanks guys, RJ will be grateful to know he has great friends like you guys willing to help save his goat and board.

tonyv420 05-12-2013 10:30 PM

I kinda recognize those terrorists, but I can’t place where Ive seen them??? Maybe a little incentive wouldl help my memory.........I’m all about saving the goats!

Rob17 05-16-2013 10:28 PM

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Ok, so we are trying to get the board baaaaaaaack for poor old RJ. I followed a lead all the way to Time Square, even had my hands on it, but was pick pocketed on the subway trying to get it back. Those terrorists are good. Never even felt them in my pocket. May start thinking about that goat.....

leaks 05-17-2013 11:12 AM

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Not sure, but that thug on the left sure looks like "Mick Foley"

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