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ottog1979 05-10-2013 9:17 AM

Beginner Video Editing Software for PC
OK so I returned my initial GoPro Black 3 to Best Buy and they replaced it with a new one without issue. The new one works just fine.

So, now I'm at the more difficult part of collecting good video - the editing. I am an admitted total beginner at video editing. Seven to eight years ago, I tried my hand at editing, can't remember the program, but spent several hours several times trying to really figure it out and finally just gave up because it was too difficult to figure out and time consuming. I might add that I'm not a computer idiot and do just fine on the handful of programs I use extensively for work.

In another thread, mattgettel mentioned Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12. A friend of mine (not very experienced) said he bought Adobe Premier Elements for around $100, but has only just started using it.

I'm looking for something relatively easy to learn & use. Want to cut down all the raw video to a decent length for each event and dump the rest. A little music maybe. But most importantly simple & easy to learn & use as I don't have mega time to become a pro video editor.

Suggestions from the experts?

PS: I'll add that I've played just a bit with GoPro CineForm Studio, but so far using it has not been super obvious.

Midnightv10 05-10-2013 12:00 PM

Check out Cyberlink Power Director...
powerful and very easy to use IMO...


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