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baitkiller 05-09-2013 7:35 PM

bicycle people, need help... no.. really!
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I have a 1989 Condor Swiss Army bike I bought in Lucern brand new. (in 1989).
The running gear is all Edco, ceramic rims, hydraulic brakes, ect. cool bike.
Anyway the rear hub has broken and I want to replace it with an original hub.
I cant find one...
You guys know places that Google doesn't. Old school pot heads garage, whatever.. Any leads are appreciated.
I think it's a predecessor to the big rock MTB hub. 36 hole, probably cassette friendly.

Thank you,

shawndoggy 05-09-2013 8:38 PM

BK, that's what's known at the bike shop as a rusty ol P.O.S.

I very well could be wrong, but I never ever saw a bolt-on rear hub that took a cassette in that era (I worked in shops 1990-93).

You'd have better luck putting on a pair of xt period wheels (and they will be used up and done or super spendy "retro")

shawndoggy 05-09-2013 8:39 PM

what deraileurs are on the bike now?

baitkiller 05-10-2013 5:13 AM

Shimano Deore,

Its a 38 hole hub.

Im just looking for a hub. I can lace it myself. If all else fails Ill put a Shimano hub in so everything else still fits. I would like to keep it correct with the bike though and source the correct hub.

Old yes, a little rusty sure... POS? i think not.... Perhaps an odd duck. . Also the bike was not very available in the US. It was Swiss military. There is no front derailleur and only seven gears rear. I would understand why you dont' recognize it.

SESanger 05-10-2013 6:50 AM

Have you tried contacting Edco? Company is out of the Netherlands, production is in Switzerland with assembly in Netherlands.


shawndoggy 05-10-2013 6:56 AM

I've never heard of a 38 hole hub. Betcha a dollar you were right the first time with 36.

By POS maybe a bit harsh... A collectors piece maybe but it looks like it weighs a million lbs and yet still won't handle great (1" steer tube ... Given the rust on the hub is the quill stem fused inside the steer tube? Seatpost rusted tight too?). When I worked at a shop in San Diego we saw bikes that would come from people who lived at the beach that looked like yours... Salt air isn't kind.

So all that said, I really have a soft spot for old school 7 speed thumb shifted Deore. Very bomber mech.

Here is a wheelset that even comes with period correct rust.


baitkiller 05-14-2013 6:08 AM

36 right, sorry. and yeah it weighs a ton and rides like crap but its still a very cool old bike. Edco doesn't have anything now except road bike stuff as far as i can tell. Thanks for the link.

Hey Shawndoggy, i found a period Bullseye hub on CL. Will that accept my gear set?

baitkiller 05-14-2013 6:15 AM

The rust cleans up. Nothing is seized or stuck even the spoke nipples turn. The rims are unique as well, I think they are ceramic (?) hydraulic brakes etc. So I want to buy only a hub and re-lace the wheel. Should i just find a Deore hub and paint it black? It would be close I guess, and It aint exactly in Museum condition as Y'all have observed.

baitkiller 05-14-2013 6:17 AM

Its my grocery getter. The racks can hold a 12 pack of bottles, full size bag of charcoal, burgers, buns and chips. Can your fancy pants bike do that :) ?

shawndoggy 05-14-2013 6:17 AM

You need to take your rear wheel off and get us a pic of the cogs so we can tell whether its a cassette or freewheel hub.

shawndoggy 05-14-2013 6:24 AM

If the rims are mavic "ceramic" it's just a coating on the breaking surface. A gimmick. There were lots of weird ideas around that time. Same for hydro rim brakes... ("All of the drawbacks of rim breaks plus the added complication of hydraulics at only 4x the price!").

But it does look pretty sweet as a grocery getter. You guys got any fixie riding hipsters down in FL? Find out where those cats get their bikes.... If there's some kind of old bike refurb shop you might find something. If you roll that bad boy into a "traditional" bike shop you'll just get blank stares. It's probably older than the avg shop employee.

baitkiller 05-14-2013 6:31 AM

stand by

baitkiller 05-14-2013 6:44 AM

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shawndoggy 05-14-2013 6:55 AM

yeah 7 spd cassette hub is what you will need. it will end up being quick release not bolt on methinks. I would not go to thetrouble of rebuilding a wheel on a 25 year old rim... but it could be done.

baitkiller 05-14-2013 6:59 AM

It would take a case of beer and bottle of Advil to tell the stories of my local "bike shop". Useless as **** on a boar hog.

I rode for Redline and Powerlite in my early teens in San Diego around 33 years ago.( partial sponsorship, occasional frame sets and parts, the rare entry paid) I built all my own bikes, built all my own wheel sets, Old school stuff, milled chains when nobody knew what that was.

I see OM Flyer is still around. i raced the same tracks as that dude way back then. I cant remember his name.

baitkiller 05-14-2013 7:02 AM

Thanks Shawn, ill start looking. I wonder if I can change the axle to bolt-on. I dont know if the quick release will clear the derailure guard.

DenverRider 05-14-2013 10:17 AM

One day my wife, daughter 8, son 9 and I were riding and we saw a Boulder type riding a fixie and my wife said look at that hipster riding the fixie. My daughter asked "what is a hipster?". My son's answer was "it's kind of like a doosh only with a fixie.".

shawndoggy 05-14-2013 11:04 AM

the QR "nut" shouldn't be any bigger than that axle bolt. That derailleur guard cracks me up. It looks like it's there to protect the rear mech from snipers.

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