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delta_wake 05-09-2013 1:26 PM

2013 Slingshots?
I've read all the old post on slingshots. Haven't seen much talk on the new lineup. I'm between beginner and intermediate rider but love to go big. Last year I was on a ronix vault 137. I'm 5'11 and about 195 lbs. Ride behind a crownline 210 so decent wake but nothing special. After everything I've read, I'm currently leaning on pulling the trigger on a new hooke 142. This may be too much board for me right now, but hope I can progress quickly this year. In all honesty i prob should go with a beginner board like the response which I've seen Jeff McKee do plenty of advanced tricks on. I'm in mississippi so no dealers and very few people even wakeboard around here. The new Lyman also looks awesome and isn't as aggressive of a rocker as the Hooke. Any thoughts would be appreciated. And also, prob going with the new verdict bindings due to all my friends usually get out there on my board as well.. I take it they are good bindings?

wakerider111 05-09-2013 3:13 PM

142 will be a good length. You would actually do better to size up from your 137.
Skill level marked on board descriptions is kind of a subjective thing. I can't imagine any board in slingshots line being a problem due to the skill level recommendations.
In many cases (for any board maker) the newer a board shape is the higher the skill level recs will be. In a few years the same board will be considered beginner friendly. the trend is quite common but not indefinite.

I have not tried the verdict bindings, but my other slingshot boots have been great. The straps on the verdict are replaceable which is a BIG plus.

MrShelley 05-09-2013 4:54 PM

I'm about your size and ride a 2013 Hooke 142. I love it. Great pop and soft landings...exactly what I was looking for.

tdickman4 05-10-2013 5:59 AM

Also look at the recoil. It is flexier and has a completely flat bottom, but if you like the small molded fins on the hooke, go with it

MrShelley 05-10-2013 6:04 AM

I can't speak for the Verdict bindings, but I love my 2013 RADs. Seriously the most comfortable and supportive bindings I've ever worn.

Romaswake 05-10-2013 7:29 AM

hey guys, I recently received my 2013 SS Shredtown 139... According to slingshots website it is Between the Reflex and the Recoil regarding flex ratings. Out of the box it's beautiful construction and a completely flat bottom. My friend has a Hooke and he likes it a lot, and I have nothing bad to say about it when I've riden it! The Hooke is more of a tradition style wakeboard where as the Recoil, Reflex, etc, really show their flex core characteristics! I feel like your personality is reflected well on the board you ride, I really like laid back, buttery edges but still a solid pop to go big but a nice soft landing to cushion those double ups taken to the flats. We as the Hooke can be compared to a board that has a lot better tracking, due to the molded fins, and not as forgiving. It's all up to your style of riding, and finding what board fits it best! Goodluck in your search!

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