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baska 05-09-2013 6:58 AM

Ronix Cable "specific" boards
Starting this year Ronix come up with some new cable boards (Yes, I know that District was there already few years, but not in park edition ;). Any reviews of these two?
I've got a chance to ride new District for a few minutes, so here are my 2 cents (nothing too insightful, but maybe someone will find it helpful)
District Park
- pretty solid edging
- good for air tricks
- wide and stable
- nice pop

Von Schnook
I've only got to check this one in the shop.
- sharper edge, I would say it's the same as in Bill, but without as deep G&R channel
- thin and light
- bit flexy on the tip and tail
A friend of mine got a chance to ride it and said that it locks down on the edge very well, flexes fine on the sliders and lands a bit tough, but stable.

skiboarder 05-09-2013 7:19 AM

I've been riding the schnook for a month at the cable and most recently off the wake.

The Schnook has a low rockerline for its size and therefore is epically fast across the water and has an extremely long effective edge. Even without fins this board hooks up strong when on edge. Unlike most boards, I don't feel any slippage until I release on air tricks. It is not a noodle. It ollies really well with a traditional and or a double-hop olie. On rails it has a nice medium speed that you can really lean into. Like I said earlier, it isn't soft so it may not pretzel on boxes as well, but it is easy to have confidence on thin rails. The snook is very strong on the water and surprisingly nimble in the air. I typically ride a 138 or so, but manage the 141 with no noticeable difference in the air. She is tough too. I've come up short on a few transfers and really expected some damage, but so far it shows no sign of wear. I'm no expert on the cable, but I very happy with how it performs.

I am strong boat rider. A few weeks ago, I went out for a goof-around set with my family. I thought it would be fun session with a couple of poppy airs and maybe a raley or two for the in-laws, but After few slashes and airs it got super-serious fast. Optically, it is a little weird with so little rocker at boat speed, but I had no issues climbing a pro-class wake. The pop is a little slow, but intense if you hit the wake with a mellow neutral stance. Back to its performance on the water--I was getting away with murder on all of my tricks. The board was surprisingly easy to ride and I hit everything. I don't know if it is my new boat board, but I think I might ride it until I can get my hands on a William. The William shared many of the same features, but it popped like a stick of dynamite off the wake.

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