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Stup1d48 05-08-2013 4:03 AM

Buying first Tower Speakers and Amp
Hi - I'm about to buy Tower Speakers and an Amp for the first time. Basically, I want the music to sound decent and be moderately impressive to chicks and friends. But I'm not looking for the most expensive models, unless it's really the only option. What do I need to buy? What specs? Any flat out recommendations? Budget is flexible. My mechanic recommended this:

Infinity Wakeboard 6100m 150-Watt Tower Speaker and Amplifier Audio System with Talkback Microphone


dezul 05-08-2013 4:58 AM

Give us a $ amount on your budget. That would definitely help.

shawndoggy 05-08-2013 6:43 AM

What's your goal? Sound while floating, surfing, or at to a wakeboarder with the handle in is hand?

If it's that last one, well, it's expensive.

dezul 05-08-2013 7:37 AM

It looks like the Infinity Wakeboard 6100m system runs about $650 on amazon. If you are willing to spend that chunk of change for tower speakers, I would continue to save my money and by some Rev 8s or Rev 10s. You will be more happy in the end with the speakers. Read some of the reviews on amazon about the Infinity Wakeboard 6100m tower speakers. They aren't that impressive.

LYNRDSKYNRD 05-08-2013 8:01 AM

If your budget is flexible buy the best you can afford..........if you don't you will regret it later. My local guy suggested a kicker product similar to the infinity, only problem was he had never even heard them on the water just in his install facility. He was telling me how loud they were, I asked someone who had ridden behind a boat he had installed them on and he advised they were horrible, they would kill your ears in the boat and could not be heard at 75' while under way.

williamburell 05-08-2013 11:37 AM

kicker 6500.2 refurb. The link is running around but around 290 shipped. Best deal I've found on hcld speakers. Not going to compare to wetsounds but will kill those infinitys.


f your budget is flexible buy the best you can afford..........if you don't you will regret it later.
truth! And if you think you don't care about hearing tunes while riding........you haven't done it.

Stup1d48 05-18-2013 11:56 PM

Budget is $1000
My budget for everything will be $1000. So speakers, amplifier, and megaphone.

jhartt3 05-19-2013 6:56 AM

Cans x2

all for 870 bucks you could go the black fiberglass cans off ebay and save a few bucks. but for 870 you should be able to get your wire to install for under 1k ... This is the current most popular question being asked and this set of speakers is what the last guy decided with a 1k Budget... i'm debating on picking this set up for my self right now.

ryanw209 05-22-2013 11:27 PM

Pick up a set of used wetsounds Pro 80's, a used syn 4 and used WS 420... Just so happens I have a used 420 with mic for sale...

HygOctaneGraphics 06-15-2013 10:24 PM

Ryan you still have that for sale?

Jeff Rowland - Hygh Octane Graphics

03suprassv 06-16-2013 7:46 AM

I had the infinity tower speakers and amp with talk back. If I knew then what I know now I would not have bought them. They sounded like a oem car system. Also when one of the speakers went bad in the enclosure there's not much you can do because only that exact speaker will fit. I sold them off to someone that had the same problem and he used pieces from mine to fix his. This time because I was on a budget I went with the kicker 6500.2 hlcd with a kicker 350.4 amp. I am very happy with them and the sound and quality. After having them I would have to say they are more then what I expected in this price range. Also with these speakers being mounted in cans I can change to almost any speaker I want down the road and will not be limited by the enclosure. I know a lot of people on here love the wetsounds but I cannot give you a comparison because I have never heard any of them. From all reviews here they are a great quality product also. If you have the opportunity listen to everything you can. I have roughly $800 in my setup. Double cans, kicker hlcd 6500.2 and the kicker 350.4.

03suprassv 06-16-2013 8:29 AM

I would say stick to your budget. Don't get into debt with everyone telling you what you have to have. Seems like a lot of people on here try to compete with what the next person had. Just go with what fits your budget and lifestyle. If your happy with it that's all that matters.

ryanw209 06-17-2013 10:19 AM


Originally Posted by HygOctaneGraphics (Post 1828136)
Ryan you still have that for sale?

Jeff Rowland - Hygh Octane Graphics

Yes I do. Email me at snowboarder4_15@hotmail.com

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