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rexlex01 05-06-2013 7:56 PM

Closed bow sub enclosures
Looking for a way to put an enclosure in a closed bow which is the most difficult of all boats. imo

Post pics of your CB enclosures. Most enclosures are too big for my 12" subwoofer to fit under CB with all other life jackets, etc. Storage is in short supply on these 90's CB ski boats.

hatepain 05-06-2013 10:14 PM

I had a 12" sub in my MB Boss 190. Sometimes you just have to make sacrifices :)

mikeski 05-07-2013 1:40 AM

Your closed bow Nautique probably has a hump in the floor in front of the driver's feet making the problem even more challenging. In my 96 Nautique I did two 8" subs in a very small box (about 0.4 cubic feet per sub). It sounded very good for what it was and what I had into it. The problem with this location is the height limitation but the benefit is the sub is off the floor so you don't need to worry too much about it getting wet. My box was an untreated mdf box, big no-no but it never seemed to get wet even after some real good near submarine dunkings leaving a couple inches of water on the floor. If you trim off the top of the kick plate and pull the sub rearward so it can hang below the top of the floor hump you might be able to fit something bigger than 8" tall. Not sure if you could fit a boston 555 in the space but it would be a decent call if you could. The oval shape will help in this situation.

cwkoch 05-07-2013 7:44 AM

I built a box that was wedge shaped to fit all way up in the front of my old 98 Supra Comp. Had 2 12" subs in it..... it really pounded!! Box was angled towards the front, as well as up and down to fit the contours of the hull. I made one out of cardboard to get a template that I could fit in and out of the boat easily, and cut it out of wood, and rhino lined it. It worked great.


882001 05-07-2013 4:30 PM


dhcomp1 05-07-2013 11:02 PM

Thruthfully, you probably have more room with a closed bow than most.

That being said, don't bury the box under there too far. YOu want it firing out the open side (drivers) as much as possible.

In my 98 Mastercraft PS 190, I had a standard square 12" sub box crammed in there.

I was able to push it in the passenger side, and most of the way around the divider to the drivers side.

Didnt' sit flat, but fired towards the drivers seat. Put a few strong anchor points in, tied that sucker down, and never had an issue.

Sounded sweet.

Drag your boat down to a stereo shop, and test fit a few sealed boxes. I'd bet you can find a way to at least fit a 10, if not a 12.

Good luck.

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