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j_mohlke 05-06-2013 5:59 PM

2013 Liquid Force Harley BuyWake.com Limited Edition
I am thinking about purchasing the new Limited Edition Liquid Force Harley. It is my understanding that they have only produced 60 of them. Is this true? If so, how fast are they expected to sell out? IMO the board and bindings look really good even while being pink and blue, I think that the color scheme gives the combo a sense of style that is emerging in the wakeboarding industry. What are your thoughts on this board/binding combo? I am a huge fan of Harley and really enjoy watching him ride, I believe he has done a great job designing this board. The fact that it is a Limited Edition has me that much more interested. Any comments are appreciatted to help me with my decision.

Hooya 05-07-2013 6:12 AM

You should work for Liquid Force in their marketing department:-)

But seriously, anything Harley uses looks good because he is good.

captain_vilfo 05-07-2013 7:42 AM

itd look cooler if it didnt say buy wake all over it

j_mohlke 05-07-2013 5:38 PM

I also have another question. I have just about decided to order it, but I'm not sure what size bindings I need to order. I don't know how the Liquid Force CT bindings fit. My shoe size is a 11 1/2, but should I go with the 10-12 or the 12-15?

jaybee 05-08-2013 7:53 AM

I am sorry but that board should be free. No I take that back, whoever wants one should get paid to ride it. Talk about riding a billboard!

BuyWake_Rhett 05-08-2013 3:17 PM

Justin. What's up man? Indeed, only sixty limited LF Harley x BW decks/boots were made. I'm glad you're stoked on the color scheme, Harley seemed to know exactly where he wanted from the get go (he even asked if we'd put a secret lil monkey on it. He's hanging off the "A" on the base...shhh ;). We're so stoked to have our logo on the deck, too. It was a collaborative effort from design to distribution and we all wanted the board to reflect that. It's a real milestone for us!

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