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izzy 05-05-2013 3:05 PM

Bought Boat Sight Unseen!
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Wanted to share my experience; bought a boat two months ago while I was still stationed in Italy. I had some reservations about paying so much money for a boat I had not seen or driven but I had a good feeling about it. When I found out the seller is a Marine with over 20 years of service to our country I did not think twice about making the commitment

Today I received the boat personally delivered from California to Vegas by the seller and it is better than advertised.

It is a wonderful feeling to know that there are still people that choose to not benefit from defrauding others.

Thank you!

bryce2320 05-05-2013 3:29 PM

I thought it was going to be a horror story!!! Congrats on getting an awesome looking boat, and thanks for serving!!!

downfortheride 05-05-2013 5:16 PM

Congrats! Really fun wake...

boardman74 05-05-2013 5:37 PM

Congrats. But as we see with Bryce's post this is not the norm. You are probably the exception. I would completely recommend against buying a boat sight unseen. Even from a Marine. I am a retired career military guy and saw plenty of shady people from every service in my time in. Glad it worked for you and it looks like a great rig. Hope you enjoy it.

monroeyd 05-05-2013 10:24 PM

Congrats on the good experience. Back in '10 we bought an '06 24' Supra sight unseen. We came out pretty good. It was basically a new boat with 37 hrs. It needed new plugs and developed a V-Drive leak after a year and a half. Other than that it's been a great boat. Here's to a great summer with your new boat!

izzy 05-06-2013 12:16 AM

Now I just need my truck to get here so I can tow it...Still awaiting the shipping company to get it from Italy. Hopefully it will be here this week!! I cannot wait to get back to wakeboarding.

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