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raceman121 05-05-2013 12:52 PM

led light strip
hey where are you guys buying led light strip to put in you're boats. I'm looking to put a lot of lighting in my boat because we are out at night often. I like the red led's.

Jmorlan 05-05-2013 1:00 PM

Amazon and eBay are usually pretty good sources with good prices.

I'm doing some led rings for my speakers and cup holders now ill post some links of the LEDs ill be using.

Lights for led rings -

Lights ill use around the boat -

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raceman121 05-05-2013 1:32 PM

how do you hook those up?

williamburell 05-05-2013 5:32 PM

oznium was great for me. Had a slight issue with 2 lights having a slightly diff color. Evidently I caught them in between seperate orders but they fixed it with an overnighted package. Customer service beats price.

nitrousbird 05-07-2013 4:26 AM

I just installed two of these 16' strips yesterday and have another two showing up today to finish the install:


For under $17 each to my door I couldn't be happier with the product I received. I had the lights running for several hours straight yesterday and they performed flawlessly.

NotSure123 05-07-2013 10:15 PM

I'm in the process of putting in ten 12in led strips...major pain! They have VERY small wires so it makes it fuuuun. I think I'll have 8+ hrs in this job...better be worth it!

Clamcakes 05-09-2013 6:59 PM

Here's my setup.
Went with RGB strips from Oznium. RGB single lights in the cupholders.
Wetsounds lightrings for the REV10s


xiva 06-12-2013 1:34 AM

you can get them in amazon or ebay,but less Red LED strips you can get,most of them are warm white,white and RGB.....

burban89 06-12-2013 6:01 AM

I bought some LED lights strips off of ebay (green) and the color is great. How the heck are you guys getting them to stay in place. The sticky strip on the back is not holding at all. My last LEDs I tried everything and they stayed for about a year before falling down.

4Nash 06-12-2013 6:28 AM

Oznium.com fast shipping good quality

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