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snyderaaron 05-04-2013 5:06 PM

How Wide of Bindings
I'm wondering how wide my bindings should be. Right now I'm about half and half, but I see a lot of pros that have their setups pretty wide. Any thoughts?

dvsone79 05-04-2013 7:11 PM

Depends on how tall you are, what size board you ride. One way to estimate is to stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width, toes pointed slightly outward, and lowering yourself into a full depth squat position, where the crease of your hips pass below the tops of your knees. If your feet feel too close together, reset at a wider stance and try again, play with stance width until you feel comfortable and stable lowering into the squat, and that is likely your ideal stance width.

austin 05-06-2013 7:17 AM


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