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mysandman 05-04-2013 12:49 PM

Ground-up audio amp install questions
I will be doing a new install on a Ski Supreme V226 very soon and am looking at the following set up:

6 cabin co-ax speakers
4 tower speakers
1 12" subwoofer
2 6-channel amplifiers with the following specs:

Stereo @ 4 Ohms 6 x 185 Watts @ 95A
Stereo @ 2 Ohms 6 x 290 Watts @ 168A
Mono @ 4 Ohms 3 x 585 Watts @ 168A

I am thinking one amplifier can power the cabin 6 speakers, and the other amplifier can use 4 channels to cover the tower, then bridging the last 2 channels for the sub.

Another option for the second amplifier might be to brdge all the channels to provide mono to the tower and to the subwoofer.

Any thoughts? Not necesarily a noob to audio, but definitely a noob to marine audio!

Thanks for the suggestions!!!

jaws 05-28-2013 9:39 AM

I made the mistake of getting just okay sounds for the boat last year (2012 v226). i was unhappy with the tower speakers. so i sold everything and started over. I just installed 4-rev10s to 2-Syn4s, another syn 4 to the 6 - kicker cabin speakers, Alpine Type-X 10 with a syn 1 amp all going to the ws420. I could not be happier. it sounds awesome.

shawndoggy 05-28-2013 10:57 AM

zed leviathans?

What tower speakers?

You couldn't run four tower speakers if you bridge, obviously, but you could run 2x rev410s on 585w ea, and that'd sound good. Can you run four channels bridged to two channels and then leave two channels full range? If so, what about running it like this:

Amp 1
1&2 bridged: rev 410#1
3&4 bridged: rev 410#2
5 & 6: 4x interior speakers in parallel @ 2 ohms

Amp 2
1&2 bridged: sub voice coil #1
3&4 bridged: sub voice coil #2
5 & 6: 2x interior speakers

That would give you 585w to each tower speaker, over 1100w to a sub, and 145-185w per cabin speaker.

Greeko 06-04-2013 2:07 PM

I agree with Shawndoggy...

Shewchuk 06-16-2013 8:11 PM

Where are you putting your batteries? My supreme has the batteries in the rear lockers. Wondering if you are keeping your batteries in the port locker?

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