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c640947 05-02-2013 12:57 PM

Badin Lake or Lake Tillery, North Carolina
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I am towing my 06 X2 to Badin Lake, North Carolina for a month this summer and wanted to check in and see if anyone on this forum regularly rides this lake or Lake Tillery. Would love to get to ride with others (I have a boat so I can offer pulls) and if anyone knows prime spots or times to ride I'd appreciate any info you can give.

Hopefully I can meet up with some folks while I am out there. We are renting a house on the water with a dock. Boat is set up with over 3,000 lbs and I wakeboard and wake surf. Will be there mid mid june to mid july.

Thanks for any info in advance and hope to meet some of you.


SouthCack 05-02-2013 5:53 PM

We ride on Tillery. shoot me an email. jharper3163@andersonuniversity.edu

Baucom218 05-08-2013 10:17 AM

My brother and I ride on Lake Tillery every weekend. Hit me up Baucom218@gmail.com

jonblarc7 05-15-2013 5:14 PM

I'm stay at badin during the summer a lot. My I laws have a place at badin shores. And most of my crew ride at different lakes so I've been looking for some one to ride with at badin. The first time ill make it down there will be memorial day.

riderx77 05-16-2013 8:40 AM

I grew up near there and we had a house on Badin from 97-07 and I wakeboarded all over the lake. During the week it is typically good particularly in the morning. It depends on where you are staying as to what place I would recommend. Away from the dam, "Skier's Cove" is decent but short. It is a place where they had a ski course back in the 50s. Closer to the dam, you can cross under the trestle (after jumping off the top of course) and find decent water.

The other spot for weekend riding is Tuckertown which is down 49S. Not populated and I've ridden there on July 4th with butter. It is better than Tillery in my opinion.


c640947 05-23-2013 7:58 AM

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Thanks for the advice. We are staying on Lake Forest Drive in New London, which appears to be on the northeast fork (ive never been to Badin, only Tillery.) Near the fish tales marina. Map attached.

Where is Skiers cove?

Also is Tuckertown connected to Badin or do you have to take the boat off the ramp and drive over? Looks like there is a dam in the middle of it so riding on the Badin side between the railroad tracks and the dam looks short. I am guessing thats the area you are talking about crossing under the tressle.

How deep is the lake? Any particular shallow areas to stay away from? Is wind much of a problem in June and July? (sorry the lake i ride has many spot 2-3 feet deep so depth is a huge concern for us.)

Anyone know if Fish Tales marina has gas on the water?

Sorry for all the questions but i figured knowing this stuff will save a ton of time learning where to go and what to do.

jonblarc7 - sent you a pm



jonblarc7 05-23-2013 10:31 AM

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I think fishtales is the only place to get gas on the lake.

c640947 05-23-2013 11:03 AM

Awesome. Great information.

How's the water depth everywhere? Any spots to steer clear of?

jonblarc7 05-23-2013 11:35 AM

The lake is pretty deep but right across from were your staying there's a shallow water marker so don't split it and the shore. I see jet skiers do it all the time and just wait for them to go over the handle bars. Most every where else is clear to go in between the islands, but party cove is shallow.

c640947 06-24-2013 5:37 PM

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1400 miles later (made some stops) we made it. Boat is in the water and ready to go for anyone that wants to ride or surf. Nice lake you all have here. I am definitely not used to the depth finder reading 70 + feet in some places. Its almost unnaturally deep for me coming from the swamps in Houston. Anyway guess the wakes will be nice and big so hit me up to ride. I can't ride this wednesday but am down for most other days. Will prob be on Badin this weekend. Not sure when (or if) we are going to Tillery but well be here until July 12. Also plan to hit up Hexagon for at least a day.


c640947 06-11-2014 12:30 PM

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Met some great folks last year. Headed back this year. Will be there June 23rd. Got a new ride. 2014 G23. Put an extra 3,000 lbs ballast on top of stock. Anyway wants to ride or surf, especially during the week, hit me up. Will be there through Aug 3.


hookhntr 06-11-2014 4:36 PM

That G23 is sleek! I ride tillery a couple times a week if u wana come down sometime or I'd love to get behind that G23!

jonblarc7 06-12-2014 5:50 AM

We never got to met up last summer sorry about that. The wife and I where crazy busy with sale our old house and buying our new one. This summer is different I'm down there pretty much every weekend. Are you staying in the same house.

c640947 06-12-2014 7:29 AM

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Were staying at a different house this year, far north side of the lake across from the public boat ramp. X marks the spot.

We should be there most weekends.

David W - my wife's father has a place on Tillery so we will surely be down there at some point. Its obviously not far away and I am always down to ride with new people. You are more than welcome to come up to Badin to ride the G too - my wife is not a fan of pulling me wakeboarding unfortunately. She'll do it but you know how it is. I like to ride a couple times a week if possible.

I'll prob post once I get there on the 23rd so hit me up after that if anyone wants to ride (or surf.)

c640947 06-24-2014 10:14 AM

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OK I'm here and all set up. If anyone wants to ride or surf PM me. Ill be here until early August. I may be down at Tillery some but not sure when. Always happy to come down there for a set though too.

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