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Gnargnar 05-01-2013 9:56 PM

How many hours do you have behind a boat?
Obviously approximating, I might have 15 hrs of actual ride time, with 90% of that coming in the last 12 months. In that time we've put about 85 hrs on the boat

ilikebeaverandboats 05-01-2013 10:49 PM

I dont have enough :)

cwb4me 05-02-2013 3:15 AM

Well over 1000 Hours.But that's not enough either.

wakebordr11 05-02-2013 6:53 AM

My family boat has over 800 hours and I'd surmise I have at the very least, 250-300 hours of that time behind it personally. Behind other boats I bet I've had at least that much time. This is since 1998/1999... Probably close to 800+ of stand up watersports, well over 1000 if you count tubing as a kid and skiing with my dad. I bet I've spent 1000+ driving too

jhartt3 05-02-2013 9:15 AM

yeah i'm probably around 10-15 hours of ride time too... with 90% coming in the last 12 months. now i know why i'm so for behind ya'll.

stephan 05-02-2013 3:13 PM

Lets see, I learned to ski when I was 5, wakeboard when I was 11, am 31 now and have ridden non-stop since I was a kid. I'll just go with this answer... "way too many". It would have been nice to live closer to the lake but so it goes. Damn, its crazy to think that I have been wakeboarding for 20 years, I should be a lot better at this.

bryce2320 05-02-2013 5:43 PM

I started 2 summers ago trying to get serious with it and get better. Im a weekend warrior at best. Im an hour and a half from the lake where our camper is parked. I probably get 30 minutes in on a morning ride, maybe another 30 during the day if the water isnt trashed, and one before sundown. I'd say I have 15 hours or so in the past 2 years. Im just now getting w2w figured out. I have tried 360's and 180's, but back to the basics and hoping to progress alot faster then working on only one thing. Hopefully I can make progress this summer. I've probably got an hour or 2 behind the boat this year so far.

WakeJp12 05-02-2013 6:11 PM

10 hours on my new Axis :) 10 minutes of riding time so far...

sledgehammer 05-02-2013 8:12 PM

Now that we have a cable park I find that we use the boat less. I love how different the ride is though.

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