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thedinghy 04-30-2013 8:11 PM

Hello WakeWorlder's
Have a question for you guys...If an event were being planned, say a music festival with a pro wakeboarding contest integrated in, with large national acts...kinda wakestock-ish somewhere in the South East US, where would you say the perfect location would be? Would you think there would be an interest for an event like this?

dvsone79 05-01-2013 4:00 PM

I think the interest would be there. Maybe Nashville? Convincing people to attend shouldn't be an issue. Getting companies to sponsor might be challenging.

JamesHawk101 05-01-2013 5:26 PM

I would totally go. Orlando would probably have the biggest wakeboarder population.

thedinghy 05-01-2013 7:03 PM

Thanks guys
Sponsors aren't going to be an issue...I have a great team working with me on that...Nashville would actually be my first choice but finding a location that would be suitable to combine both events is becoming an issue, without having to go an hour or so out of town...Orlando is another great location...been looking at Blue Lake, however with Wake Games and the Wake Open already there amongst other events I don't want to over saturate that market

Somewhere in Texas wouldn't be totally out of the picture either!

Great suggestions guys, keep 'em coming!

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