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carter134 04-30-2013 11:00 AM

2006 xStar with 8.1
looking at a 2006 xtar with the 8.1 in it. just wonder what it cost to run one gas wise how much fuel are you going to burn through per set. also how will it compare to a 2006 x2 with the mcx engine that runs about 2500 pounds of weight in it? thanks !

jarrod 04-30-2013 1:40 PM

It's slightly more expensive to run in my experience, but not much. The big block torque gets you on plane with less work, unless you keep adding weight. The boat will take as much weight as you want to throw at it, which was our issue. We kept making the wake bigger and bigger and bigger. The Xstar with the 8.1 is still probably one of the best wake machines ever. Unlimited power.

The downside....... 8.1 has a history of blowing head gaskets, sucking water into the cylinder, and hydro-locking. We blew up three 8.1 motors in less than two seasons. Be sure to ask the owner for records and ask if they have had engine trouble.

I had a 2005 X2, and I didn't think the Xstar was much more expensive to run, if at all.

snork 04-30-2013 3:08 PM

Mas peso mas petrol, realistically 12+ gph

sledgehammer 05-02-2013 8:20 PM

It's hard to pass up an 8.1 if everything checks out well and the price is right. You can load that thing like 5000 lbs

superair502 05-02-2013 8:41 PM

I heard from someone who used to ride one heavy that it was about 35$ a set

superair502 05-02-2013 8:42 PM

On a side note he said it was actually worth it and the best wake he had ever ridden.

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