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johnboyy7 04-30-2013 5:15 AM

MB hull history
im looking at buying a used MB. i rode behind a 2012 23 ft b52 wide body. was curious how far back this hull design goes. also if there is really much difference in the 21 and 23ft. im looking for the same information on the F21 too. any help would be much appreciated.

shawndoggy 04-30-2013 5:29 AM

2011 was the first year of the "new" 23.

surffresh 04-30-2013 5:36 AM

MB says the 21 F21 and the 21 B52 are within 5% the same hull, the 23 is just longer but keep in mind it has 500 more LBS of ballast and I can tell a difference in wakes, especially in surf, the 21's are great, the 23 is just better

MICAH_HARPER 04-30-2013 6:18 AM

Well Well...sounds like a wise choice...lol...you wont be disapointed John

22vdrive 04-30-2013 6:44 AM

What price range are you looking at John?

johnboyy7 04-30-2013 10:28 AM


shawndoggy 04-30-2013 10:34 AM

that's a tough price point for an '11+ 23. The price increases and 2012 and 2013 (and the general increase in all wakeboat prices) seem to be propping up the very few 2011s on the market.

runin90lx 04-30-2013 1:42 PM

glad you were impressed John

jhartt3 04-30-2013 1:46 PM

so how do the 21 tomcats hulls go through out time? meaning what/when were the hull change years and when did gravity fed ballast come into play?

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