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L1quidForc3 04-29-2013 3:16 PM

Weighting and other settings on Malibu VLX
Hello I posted in the other discussion but no one answered,

I just got my hands on a 2011 Malibu VLX and I'm extremely stoked about it. I was just wondering from those who have ridden behind a VLX quite frequently what your preference for weight was while riding (and wedge setting). I would also like to know what rope length and speed you rode at as well.

The boat itself has 3 hard tanks and a power wedge. (I've read most of your discrepancies against not having the front tank, I plan on adding around 350lbs up front to compensate for it) I am an intermediate-advanced rider coming over from a Supra SSV where I used to ride at 75' around 23mph and around 2000lb of ballast (ended up being +400 stock).

johnny_defacto 04-30-2013 9:41 PM

great boat, great wake. This is how I like it.

stock 900
straightline SUMO 600's in the rear lockers
300 lead up under the bow filler cushion
650-1000 triangle sack in bow on seats
600 SUMO sack on floor in cabin
No wedge

That should be 3700-4000 in ballast, the ACME 1235 should get that up with a small motor, and it will be a great wake.

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