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waketowake 04-26-2013 6:21 PM

Half of my tower speakers work?
I have 4 jls on my tower and two of them stopped working. I took it too an audio shop and they said new amps. Lucky my buddy had one laying around and gave it to me. I hooked it up and still only one pair was playing. I switched the speaker wires to the amp and the other side would play, while the other side was silent. I checked my RCA cables and their good. Any other explanations? I'm playing through a cd and radio to check btw

chpthril 04-26-2013 6:34 PM

Are the 2 not working on the same side? Is it a 2 or 4 chnl amp? When you swapped speaker chnls, did the problem stay or move? How did you check the RCA's and determine they are good? Did you swap the left and right RCA plugs?

pprior 04-27-2013 7:37 AM

1) if you switch speaker wires back and forth and both sets of speakers will play then it's not the wire or speakers, move upstream
2) if you swap right and left RCA coming into amp and you get sounds from both speakers, then it's the RCA cables, replace
3) if you swap them and you still only get sound from same side then it could be bad amp or it could be upstream still. Since you already changed amp, that is unlikely.
4) Repeat with all cables gradually moving upstream until you get to the HU.

You did make sure somehow the balance wasn't set to just one side, right? ;)

waketowake 04-27-2013 6:42 PM

I moved from a 2 channel to a 4 channel. And yea I made sure that the balance was right! I got it working, but the amp wiring is off. I had to plug both speakers into the same channels to get them both to play, but it's loud and I don't seem to have any problems so I guess it's fixed?

chpthril 04-27-2013 7:00 PM

Sounds like you have an RCA issue

bass10after 04-27-2013 7:49 PM

You're description of how you trouble shot that is lacking for anyone on here to really help you. You gotta articulate what exactly you did a little better to get accurate help bud. How do you know the rca is bad? Did you try flip flopping them? how many amps do you have running those 4 speakers and how many channels? maybe take a picture of the wiring and the amp settings and we could see if something isn't set right... Seems like either the amp is on the wrong input setting, you have a bad or loose cable, or your source for the signal went bad. If you aren't much of a stereo guy, i'd recommend you take it to a different shop to look at it and see what they say. If their answer matches the first place then you know what you have to do.

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