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Luv2wake 04-26-2013 1:41 PM

Roswell aquatone 7.0 HCLD tower speakers
Has anyone had any experience with these speakers? They look pretty sweet and have heard they are incredible. Just wanted to see if any one else has used or knows anything about them. Thanks

Luv2wake 04-26-2013 4:03 PM


Luv2wake 04-26-2013 10:40 PM


bass10after 04-26-2013 11:13 PM

i looked on youtube and online and couldn't come up with anything. they seem to be the speaker on the new g series nautiques so maybe the planet nautique forums have some insight. I'd think if they were incredible at least one person would want to post a youtube video or brag about them though. All the other hlcd companies have quite a few videos and many were posted right after their release. They look nice though

axeman 04-27-2013 5:47 AM

I think you may be referring to the Roswell Airborne 7.0 speakers. To be honest, they are decent but if you are buying them you might as well go with a pair of REV10s or 8s since that will actually be cheaper. The WetSounds are also better than these. There's a reason most Nautique owners replace these speakers with WetSounds (myself included).

chpthril 04-27-2013 6:10 AM

On the Roswell site, they list a Aquatone 6.5 Pro HLCD and 7.0 Airborne HLCD. Under the description, they both are listed as using a 6.5" HLCD. The difference looks to be that one uses a round horn flare and the other is a rectangle flare. The 7.0 lists having a 35mm compression tweeter with titanium membrane, where as the 6.5 lists no specs on the HLCD tweeter.

Given that both look to be a 6.5" HLCD, some things will be a given. Both will lack mid-bass to balance out the aggressive horns. If the 7.0 has a larger horn, it will be be even more harsh. With the right power, they will be loud for the rider at the end of an 80ft tow rope. Near-field, these will be not so pleasant as compared to a coaxial or larger HLCD.

aarond0083 04-27-2013 9:46 AM

My last Nautique had the Roswell 7.0 horn tower speakers. They sucked to be honest. Go with WetSounds.

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