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BurningColorado 04-26-2013 4:35 AM

Diving suit
Hi, I'm new in wakeboarding world,
I've just bought my first diving suite... it's a full body suit... but since it's a bit of a process to put it on... what is the practice... where do I put it on... in front of everybody, near my car, in some closed space for changing or?...

So where do you put your diving suite when you go wakeboarding?

Thank you for your response

dvsone79 04-26-2013 6:18 PM

My question: do people take their wetsuit off to take a leak? Seems like you'd be making yourself a yellow bath trapped in your suit if you didn't.

bryce2320 04-26-2013 6:22 PM

I get completely naked, right in the middle of the boat and put my suit on, and of course I pee in it. I bought it!!!! :D :D :D If there was a bunch of people on, or my daughter, Ill put my suit on on the swim deck, and normally leave my boxers on. But who wants to wear wet boxers when its cold enough to need a wet suit.....

04-26-2013 9:51 PM

I live at the beach and surf quite a bit. There is not one surfer that doesn't piss in their wetsuit. Although, I would do it before you put your board on. Just a quick pull at the neck and lake water with flush it all out.

To put it on, wrap a towel around your waist and do it in front of everyone. Please don't wear trunks or boxers underneath. Thats the first thing a noob would do at the beach. When I wakeboard in a wet suit, ill leave it on the whole set and just undo the upper part. Have a tub to throw the wet wetsuits in after your done or you'll have some pretty soaked carpet at the end of the day. Cold weather and wet boat interior sucks.

Here in socal, some dumbass councilor, or whoever makes laws, literally tried to make, putting on a wetsuit under a towel illegal in the parking lot. that sure didn't pass

bftskir 04-27-2013 8:44 AM

peeing in your wetsuit will make you and your wetsuit stink like a dirty outhouse.

dvsone79 04-27-2013 10:39 AM

I get that surfers would piss in their suit. They don't have a choice. Plus they're in the water for prolonged periods of time. It'll wash out. But wakeboarding you're only in the water for a few seconds. Doesn't seem like enough to wash it out. Maybe I'm over thinking it. Typically I only need a spring top for cold water riding here in Bama. I've got a shorty suit but I haven't had to use it yet...

will5150 04-27-2013 1:03 PM

everyone I know pees in their wet suit- not a big deal and it washes out just fine. Who ride naked under a wet suit? Jeez- just trunk it under the suit and put the thing on- overthinking it a lot.lol.

BurningColorado 04-28-2013 12:48 AM

OK, now I've learned everything about peeing in suit! :D, so let's get back on topic :D...

a friend told me, who is a professional diving teacher to ALLWAYS wear swiming trunks under my suit...

wake park I'm gonna be riding at will have always about 50 people around you walking....

I think I'll just put on my suit near my car...

gotwake133 04-29-2013 12:54 PM

I pee in my wetsuit every time I get in the water or ocean. Even in my completely sealed Rip Curl Flash bomb suit it will rinse out if you flush water in and out, and it doesn't smell.

Now dry suits on the other hand...

The best thing possible for changing in public is the Oniell Change Towel. Just google it, they are amazing.

bftskir 04-29-2013 6:40 PM

try this test: pee in your shorts in your wetsuit 3 or 4 times....rinse water thru the suit all you want...then take off your boardshorts and put them over your face and tell us how much your pee doesn't stink.

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