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just4110 04-25-2013 6:43 PM

wakesurf ballast on an older ski
So, we just bought an older ski boat, a 1990 centurion tru trac iii and i would really like to be able to wakesurf on it. It is direct drive and a very flat hull obviously for skiing. I'm curious about what kind of wave to expect and also about weight placement and how much. I was thinking of a 1100 lbsvfatsac in the back and perhaps a 700 lbs on the side. Does more weight qual a better wave? I've also heard to have 40% of the weight in the front of the boat for overall wave length, and then 60% of the weight in the back for overall wave volume.

Also, if the wave is going to be smaller, is it going to be better to have a more boyuant board? I'm thinking of buyin a ronix one skimmer 2011.

I'm pretty new to wakesurfing and this is my first post, thanks in advanced, and also anything specific to this boat would be great, but I realize its a long shot. Any othr information would be great.

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