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bear 04-24-2013 10:01 PM

help '12 & '13 parks board are they loose ?
i was hoping people that have ridden the 2012 or 2013 ronix parks boards can tell me if they think they are a loose board or more of a stable board. I personally like a stable board that tracks well and is not that squirrelly / loose? I currently like my 08 one with the stock fins since it tracks well. any thoughts, im considering this board but no local shops will demo.

jtiblier123 04-25-2013 5:04 AM

Keep in mind that if you find a board you like, but it feels a little too loose for your preference, just put a deeper fin on the board.

sanicho3 04-25-2013 7:35 AM

I actually just went from the 2008 One to the 2012 One Timebomb and i know what you mean about the 2008 being super stable. The 2012 to my surprise is a lot and I mean a lot quicker that the 08 and it is a bit looser, not to stay its not stable, it definitely is, it just takes some adjusting coming from the 08. Like james said I may try putting a deeper fin on it because they recessed the fin channels on the 2012 for more speed so your fins lose about 1/2 contact with the water, its not much but enough to notice a difference. I don't know much about the differences between the One and Parks boards but either way Im sure you will be pleased.

Paulvette01 04-25-2013 8:05 AM

I just bought the 2013 Parks ATR and juice bindings and took it out last weekend for the first time, ive been riding the 2012 One Timebomb, overall still prefer the timebomb but thats a preference as its loose and the pop is great. That said i rode without any ballast and im sure it will feel better on a bigger wake. Its looser than the old Ibex but not as loose as the timebomb, its somewhere in the middle, i bet if you put the 1inch ramp fins on that it comes with youll get the bite you want, i preferred loose so put Hyperlite 0.7inch A-Wings on it and its closer to the one now - i bought a 144 so its super stable but the A-Wings loosen it up, would prefer a 142 but they only have 139 and 144

04-25-2013 10:53 PM

I have the 12' parks Modello. I think it comes with the 1" fins. I've ridden the One and a LF Harley. I would say the Parks is a pretty locked in board. I have never slid out on a hard edge like you can with the Harley. The only gripe I have with the board, which also might be my technique, but on a hard toe side edge, the water wraps over the board and hits the back boot. Its a little more stable than the one.

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