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bryce2320 04-24-2013 4:59 PM

Perfect pass install help and questions
I just finished up installing Perfect Pass on my 04' Tige 21i with the 6.0L Marine Power motor. When I turn the key on, (not starting though), the screen lights up, but nothing happens besides it pulses every 10 seconds. I spliced in at the ignition switch for the power. Idk if it has enough power there to operate the PP, because when I found the hot wire with my test light, the light was pretty weak. Anyone have any info on the best place to get power from?

2nd question is the RPM wires. There is 3 studs coming out of the back of the tach. 1 Purple wire, 1 pink, and 1 black. I hooked the black one up to the ground wire of my RPM wires. then the gray wire for the RPM, went to the purple wire, which was the hot wire with the key on and my test light grounded on the prong with the black wires. With my ground to my test light on the ground at the ignition, the black wire at the tach is hot when the key is on! Im so confused on where to hook stuff up under there. Mayb I should just give up on it for tonight, and try again tomorrow. Any help would be great. If we cant figure it out, I guess I will be calling Canada in the morning:banghead::banghead:

scottb7 04-24-2013 7:31 PM

I am guessing either the purple or pink is gauge light and the other is the signal. If the purple was hot with ignition maybe that one is the back light for the gauge. Does the gauge have backlight? Try the pink instead would be my advice. Gray should go to "send" post on gauge. It is probably labeled.

Do you have a multimeter to test how much voltage you are getting? That would help. I think I had problem with power too. I can't remember that well. You can try to find a switched power spot on your fuses or breakers or something. When I put perfect pass on my former boat (2006 larson senza) the fuses were right next where i put the master module. But like I said you need multimeter to check for voltage. But I do remember that I had to call canada and deal with that power issue too. I just can't remember how i dealt with it.

bryce2320 04-24-2013 7:49 PM

I checked my power with my multi meter after I posted this. My test light lit up with the igniton on only, and with the multi meter on it, it goes to -9 volts. The other prongs on the ignition is 12.8 volts all the time. I will look else where for power tomorrow morning. I cant get the gauges out, so I will have to get a small mirror or something up around the RPM gauge to look for the "send" label. After that, I should just be able to get 2 good grounds and be ready to go. I do have my starter out of my boat waiting on a new one. I have the 2 red wires to the starter touching, but the yellow one isnt touching anything. Not sure if that would effect anything......

bryce2320 04-26-2013 1:16 PM

Operator error :o I put the new starter in a bit ago. Then I got the multi meter out and used the ground at the 12 volt plug in, and found the prong that was 12+ volts with the key on only. I hooked the hot wire up to that, and grounded the other wire to the 12 volt plug in. The PP then finally turned on and asked me questions. Know Im just hoping I have the RPM wires hooked up correctly. Ill know once it stops raining and I can run the boat on the hose for a while, while I set up PP.

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