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bear 04-23-2013 7:35 PM

'13 Parks any reviews?
anyone have any info on how the new parks rides? Seems to be a big change from his old boards. I currently am riding a 08 one and love it just wanting something new. any reviews would be nice. i dont ride cable parks or hit rails, boat only thus far.

ryty37 04-24-2013 10:56 AM

They completely changed the board design in 2012. I just picked one up this off season and have not had a chance to ride it. From what i have heard the new board is supposed to be a little less "Bucky" than the 2008 ibex (parks). Its faster due to a hybrid 3 stage instead of a true 3 stage rocker. I hopefully can get on the water soon and let you know more. I'm sure someone has ridden the 2012 or 13 and can give you a first hand review.

v220ls 04-24-2013 5:09 PM

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I have a 12 I can't speak to the earlier Parks boards, I have always rode CWB, I broke my last Marius so I switched to this. It is a wide very soft landing board I have cased my 210's wake a few times unfortunately. That would normally make you limp for a week. The surface area saved me, can't say enough about the landing and the easy of riding it. It does ride quite high, with very little drag, I don't get tired on this board. I moved from a 140 to 144 that is taking some time to get use too, def notice the extra length. It is fast and quick on transition edge to edge, it is def locked in you could not blow it out on the hardest edge? Very hard to slide it so if you are a big wake slider, pass. I'm not sure if it has as much pop as the Marius, could be just the length fooling me a little. It's a good board I wish it was a 141 or 142. I am still feeling it out.......

bear 04-24-2013 8:08 PM

thanks for the info guys!

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