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04-22-2013 9:21 PM

Wedding Vows
I am getting married and we agreed to write my own vows. I am not very creative and have been struggling to come up with something. Everything online is really generic or talks about God (nothing against it, we just aren't religious). Anyone have experience with this? We agreed on 3-5 sentences, so its not super long. Anyone have any ideas that I can work off of? Funny and serious stuff is fine.


ttrigo 04-22-2013 11:07 PM

Dude, these are YOUR wedding vows. Looking for ideas online is missing the point of writing your own vows. Just write from your heart, and thats all that matters.

psudy 04-23-2013 8:02 AM

I would work some asset division into the language for when you get divoriced.

mattgettel 04-23-2013 10:01 AM

I'm with Paul, just be sure to let her know that you brought the boat into this marriage and you intend to take it, without battle, when you leave.

jonblarc7 04-23-2013 1:25 PM

I wrote my own, probably 7 or 8 sentences. Talked about how she was my boat driver, snowboarding buddy, best friend blah blah blah. Practiced it on my best man several time right before the wedding and nailed every time. Then it was time to say in front of 100 people. I got about as far as I wrote above and forgot everything else. But my best man told me right before we went out that if forget what I'm suppose to say just (I LOVE YOU) and end it, so that's what I did. Just write about spending time with her and the little things that she does for you also how you can grow old together. Or how you can't wait to start this adventure with her.

steezyshots 04-23-2013 2:33 PM

If you can't come up with something to say about the woman you're about to marry, maybe you shouldn't be getting married....

lizzyb 04-23-2013 2:48 PM

Asking for input from strangers on your wedding vows. Awesome. :)

brettw 04-23-2013 2:55 PM

Just make sure it all rhymes.

breakz77 04-23-2013 5:05 PM

You should make her a rap video


steezyshots 04-23-2013 6:36 PM


Originally Posted by breakz77 (Post 1818303)
you should make her a rap video



mendo247 04-23-2013 9:19 PM

I customized mine. Had the pastor throw in the fact she had to agree to never ever support the sf niners or giants .. Never support our kids supporting them, never allow any gear in our house, etc etc. my family was super pumped, smiling ear to ear......Her families jaws were on the ground. She loved it and mentioned she wasn't surprised at all and kinda figured it was coming since I hate those teams ALMOST as much as I love her.

trace 04-24-2013 5:07 PM

Prenup! No alimony, 50/50 asset division and child custody. Just speaking from experience! :D

04-24-2013 9:11 PM


Originally Posted by lizzyb (Post 1818277)
Asking for input from strangers on your wedding vows. Awesome. :)

Only asking for suggestions/tips. Wasn't asking anyone to write the whole thing by any means. I'm not creative and have struggled with writers block since I was a kid. So lay off.....

acurtis_ttu 04-25-2013 7:59 AM

Nothing wrong with asking for help. IMO...shows you care b/c you want it to be great. Not everyone is born with creativity.

lizzyb 04-25-2013 9:22 AM

No alimony, 50/50 asset division and custody... damn Trace, that's quite a request! :)

ottog1979 04-25-2013 9:27 AM

I'll try & help. Writing is easiest and best when it is nearly the same as what you would just say verbally. So, without thinking about writing anything, just think of what you would tell her to her face. Be brave & just tell her. What do you love about her? How do you feel when she's around you? What funny things does she do that make you smile or laugh? What do you admire about her? What does she do for you that you most appreciate? What do you remember most about when you first met? Or, what memory of you two stood out, what happened and why?

Answer some/each of those questions. Turn them into sentences. Re-arrange them in any order that suits you. Write it down, fold it up, put it in your pocket and pull it out and read it when it's your turn for vows.

Forget about what you think you "should" be doing or what anybody else did (who's vows you may have heard). Just write her a note from you and read it. She'll love it because it will be from you, it will be about the two of you and it will be about what you think, remember and how you feel.

trace 04-28-2013 7:20 PM

I know, right?? Imagine that, a husband / father having equal rights!

kenv 04-28-2013 10:49 PM

Heck yeah Trace!!! your post made my year. I was just thinking the same thing for wife number two. I kept my boat first time around. I told the first one.....try to pull my boat with a minivan you cheatin' *%^$h. Next time everything will be in writing. This is a new age we live in.

da_moose 04-29-2013 8:00 AM

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Doesn't matter what you say ,,, put it on this and she'll cry a River ,SEEN IT

stephan 04-29-2013 12:26 PM

Its true. I made a plywood heart and hot glued some shells and other $#!T on it. Even went to Kinkos and laminated a picture and poem I found on the interwebz. Rivers were cried. Literally helped the worlds water supply issue.

To the OP, don't think about this as something that you have to write. This should be something that runs through your head every day. Tell her what you feel, make it from the heart, include an inside joke and have fun.

wake77 04-30-2013 1:07 PM


Originally Posted by stephan (Post 1819308)
Its true. I made a plywood heart and hot glued some shells and other $#!T on it. Even went to Kinkos and laminated a picture and poem I found on the interwebz. Rivers were cried. Literally helped the worlds water supply issue.

Post of the century. Hands down.

augie_09 04-30-2013 1:40 PM

good advice and all above, but seems to focus on why you love her and what's so great about your match. Could be just me, but the vow's are not about that. They are about what you are committing yourself to do to ensure this marriage will be the best thing in the world for her. just my $.02. Toasts, speeches, etc seem like better times to say all the great things about her and how your best friend and what not, but what are you promising her? what are you vowing to do?

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