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ReSession 04-21-2013 6:51 AM

Custom install - added starboard passenger back rest from Enzo to my Supreme V226
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Ever since I picked up my Supreme V226, I always liked the idea of the starboard passenger back rest that comes as an option on Centurion Enzo. After Supreme got purchased by Centurion, I decided to contact them to see if it was a modification I could make work on my V226? The folks at Centurion were super cool and checked to make sure it could be done, then created a custom cushion to match my vinyl.

Yesterday I drilled the 4 holes and mounted it up in under 10 minutes and I have to say I'm very satisfied with the upgrade! It's super sturdy and makes a great addition for the passengers wanting to enjoy the rear view. The parts were about $380 direct from Fineline.

Nordicron 04-21-2013 8:27 AM

Very nice! Passenger reverse seating is what I love about Nautique!

ian_ashton 04-21-2013 8:28 AM

That looks great!

501s 04-21-2013 8:53 AM

That is very well done. I've often thought about adding one to my X-30, impressive to see it can be done and can turn out looking factory. Nice job.

jaws 04-22-2013 8:56 AM

Looks great Greg. I see an upgrade in the future!

bcrider 04-22-2013 9:12 AM

That's a great idea. I always thought it was kind of a dumb idea not to have that. Everyone sits that way so why not have it. I can see some companies not doing that because it would eliminate one seat from the total number of passengers allowed depending on how they constructed it.

polarbill 04-22-2013 9:17 AM

I like that a lot. I think I like the idea of adding something like that better than some that have the wrap around molded in section. That molded section seems to take up too much room. Very nice.

ReSession 04-23-2013 6:44 AM

Thanks guys, I'm definitely very satisfied with the upgrade! The one thing I like is that you don't sacrifice the space behind the driver's seat (which fits a small cooler and my boat bag with camera/supplies).

If you're looking to do this, I'm happy to hook you up with my contact at Fineline who has already seen the final product so they should be ready to take on more of these orders when you're ready?

jaws 04-23-2013 9:14 AM

Greg any issues if you move the drivers seat as far back as you can? Does it hit the seat and prevent the drivers seat from moving? I keep our as far back as possible.

ReSession 04-23-2013 11:04 AM

Jason, good question - the boat's in the shop getting ready for the season so I actually haven't checked (but will in a few days when I get it back). I keep my seat all the way back too but there's also the swivel functionality to spin the seat around to face the starboard port side corner and my guess is that it will come into contact if/when you spin it far enough around. Keep in mind the seat rest is fully removable with one pin, so you can easily pull and store it without any contact.

Cabledog 12-14-2013 4:47 PM

Looks great. Please send me your contact at Fineline thanks

ReSession 12-17-2013 10:31 AM

Darrin, here's who helped me out at Fineline - the next mod I'm considering is swapping out my stock trim tab with one of the 'winged' tabs off the FX-22, but have no idea if it would fit/match up?

Shell Buchner
Fineline Industries Inc
Parts, Warranty, Customer Service Administrator
209-384-0255 Ext 20

Cabledog 12-17-2013 6:57 PM

Thanks Greg, I'm going to order one. the FX tab looks close, Is the bottom of the hull the same as the V226? It seems like it just goes with the shape of the boat. Could be made pretty easily to swap out the stock plate.

xstarrider 12-18-2013 8:36 PM

That looks absolutely flawless. Nice work. Great to see Shell still lending the helping hand. Customer service rocks over there.

wakebrdjay 12-19-2013 9:07 PM

Yep,Shell has always taken care of my Supreme needs,which haven't been many in the 6 seasons I've had my V212,I'm happy to say.Nice mod Greg.

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