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ReSession 04-21-2013 6:17 AM

New Keenan Flegel Surf arrived - so stoked to ride it!
Finally got my hands on one of the last Keenan Flegel Surf models that were around from the first shipment thanks to Bake's Marine (next ones I'm told are coming mid-May?) - I wanted this board in my quiver the day I hit the water and now I'm jonesin' for the lake to warm up a few more degrees (we'll be out there next weekend if Mother Nature allows!). Couldn't ask for a better color combo in my opinion ;)

This board is HOT - my buddy describes the weight as a "balloon" because it's SUPER light. At 4'7", it weighs in at just 6.5 lbs (compared to this year's Flyboy at 4'6" and a featherweight 5 lbs which should be arriving here any day?). I have the other 3 fins arriving on Monday (the Winston's for the inside slots and a single Zeek for the center slot). The board is much narrower in the rear than I expected, and looks incredibly fast...the 5 fins are gonna be insane! The width = 19.5" (compared to the Flyboy @ 20.5") and it's a bit thicker too...2.25" vs 1.25" with the Flyboy.

Hoping I'll be able to air and spin this thing with the best of them?




WakeDirt 04-21-2013 8:34 AM

I bet you're pretty unhappy with the color combo they went with for 13 on that board, stoked!

SacSurfer 04-22-2013 9:01 AM

Can't wait to ride it!

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