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cal2vin 04-19-2013 2:24 PM

Anyone used an o scope with wet sounds rev's
I have a couple of syn 4 powering two sets of rev 10s. I'm tinkering with the gains and crossovers. What frequency tone has anyone used for these type speakers. I was using 100 hz. Any input? Got the crossovers set at 80 but I've heard they can go a lot lower.

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CobraRob 04-21-2013 9:27 PM

I used an o-scope setting all of my gains..

On my system it didn't seem to matter what frequency I used I tested about 10 from 30hz to 20k.. At every point in the system the signal clipped at the same point..

For me. the HU started clipping at 28 of 35... then the WS420 controller was fine wide open if all of the frequency EQ were at 0. Then bumped the amp gains up till they started to clip and backed off. I didn't notice the point at which anything clipped to be dependent on frequency.

To your question though.. I think you would be fine at 100hz.. I dropped mine REV410s to 80hz and haven't noticed any issue. I wish they had more midbass punch though :(

alex_hunter 04-21-2013 10:38 PM

I'm pretty sure I had my 410 set at 55hz and the rev 10s 65hz. There was plenty of mid bass.

cowwboy 04-22-2013 6:29 AM

Rob, I have a pair of 410's that will shake your chest on the sunpad. My crossovers are set about the same. Sounds like there is some other issues.

cal2vin 04-22-2013 12:52 PM

Yea I used the o scope to set the gains last summer with my pro 80's and just the inboats. I used an ipod to play the tone. I know everyone says use a cd for better quality but all my music will be played off the iPod. So I used that. The ipod signal clipped at the very highest increment so I set the volume limit just below that point. My head unit wierdly clipped at 31. clean at 32. then clipped at 33. 33 is max. I think I went with 30 anyways. I had the same results as you with the WS 420 not clipping anywhere. I cant imagine playing a 50hz tone through the rev would clip at the same place as say 1khz. It may be though. Ill just have to play around with it all.

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