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waketowerpro 04-19-2013 1:30 PM

Waketower Installation in Indianapolis, IN
My name is Chuck, owner of Waketower Pro. We do mobile installation of waketowers and audio systems.

We have a customer in Indianapolis wanting a tower installed. We are more than glad to do it, but unfortunately he is outside of our free mileage range, and it is going to cost him extra for us to come do it. He was hoping to find a couple others wanting towers installed in the area to split the additional fee.

Thought we would post to see if anyone in the IN area would like to have a tower installed on their boat and split the cost of the additional mileage fee.

If you or anyone you know is wanting a tower, pass our info along. We are looking at being there in the vicinity of May 16th.

You can call me at 405.255.7668 to discuss your options or visit the site at http://www.waketowerpro.com.

Thanks in advance.

Chuck McGuire
Waketower Pro

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