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bradcraig78 04-16-2013 1:08 PM

Rev10 + Syn4 install help
Just finished installing a pair of Rev10's with the SYN4 amp which is run through the WS420.

Amp settings:
Input Mode Switch: Bridge (R IN)
Cross Over Settings: 110, switch set on high
Bass Boost 0
Source Select: 2ch

After connecting everything I am getting a hissing noise from rev 10's when nothing is playing. When play a song cant hear the hiss because music is most likely covering it up and music sounds good.

Gain was set about half way. If turn the gain all the way down still hear slight hiss. Louder as gain goes up. Also if you adjust the frequencies on the ws420 then hiss gets louder as highs are turned clockwise.

I switched the RCA's with in boat speakers amp RCA's and get same results. I switched in boat inputs and tower inputs on ws420 and still get hiss from Rev10's. No hiss from in boat speakers regardless of RCA's used or input used on ws420.

The tower amp and in boat amps are run to a distribution block and don't have separate runs to battery

Any thoughts.

ryanw209 04-16-2013 1:15 PM

I thinks it's just your gain. When I first plugged in the same setup mine was doing the same but the gain was way up. I turned down the gain to less than 1/4 and the hiss went away. Not sure why it still hisses when your gain is all the way down. Set all the tower knobs on your ws420 to the midpoint and adjust them lower from there.

You should have everything setup like the diagram on page 6 in the manual. You have both the the front and rear set to bridged right?

shawndoggy 04-16-2013 1:29 PM

new 420 or the old one? If you unplug the RCAs does the hiss go away?

bradcraig78 04-16-2013 1:56 PM


Yes both are set to bridged.

Its the old WS420 not sure the version but it has a push button illumination not the switch.

I don't think its the ws420 because if I hook up the in boat amp to the tower input I do not get any hiss from in boat speakers.

If you unplug RCA's hiss stops. Tried two different RCA's with same results

wetsounds1 04-16-2013 2:03 PM

make sure you have both input switches set to bridged and make sure to have a pair of RCA going into Front Left and Front Right.

110 is a bit high for the REv 10. They like about 80 hz so you can lower that a little.

Then take a look at the WS-420 manual on setting up a system and tuning it. Most of the time with hiss, it is gain hiss. Meaning your gain structure is not set at the unity setting.

Wet Sounds

shawndoggy 04-16-2013 2:08 PM

Have you tried just bypassing the 420 and going straight to the deck? I'd agree it's not the rcas if the results are the same between the two.

We'll have to wait for David and Tim to chime in, but in my experience with the 420 I always had hiss out of my tower speakers. I've tried two other popular EQs that did not have that issue. I'm sorta hoping that the SQ in WS420SQ stands for "so quiet."

bradcraig78 04-16-2013 2:14 PM

Tim the EQ was installed and setting set few years ago for a pair of Pro80's by earmark. I haven't touched any on the gains on the eq since then.

Do the Pro80's and Rev10's require different gain settings? If so I will start at the eq gain.

Haven't tried bypassing the eq yet. Ill give that a try as well.

wetsounds1 04-16-2013 2:25 PM

HAHA, Shawn, it is actually super quiet. The new WS-420 SQ is a completely new ground up design with lower noise floor and completely different op amps as well as the control with the master and 3 zone true volume control.


I always recommend a new tune when adding new components. Try that first and see. It would be strange that you didnt have noise and now have noise just by swapping speakers. Is the amp new? Anything else changed?

If after a re tune. It is still there, you can always give us a shout and we can bench test it for you and see whats going on.

Wet Sounds

bradcraig78 04-16-2013 2:28 PM

One other thing. Since I never use the head unit I disconnected the rca's from eq and connected the iphone directly into the line in using an iphone cable that has rca's. Never had issues with in boat speaker hiss (syn 4 and 3 sets xs-650's) Could this be affecting the Rev10's?

Houstonshark 04-16-2013 2:30 PM

I installed a line driver between my head unit and the 420 and was able to lower the gains on my amplifiers dramatically which eliminated the hiss. It was pretty bad through my Rev10's prior to the line driver.

Also, does anyone actually turn the tower Hi EQ past 12 o'clock with Rev10's? Mine stays around 10:00-10:30.

Like Tim said on the crossover, set it around 80hz to start and adjust it from there.

bradcraig78 04-16-2013 2:30 PM

Yes the syn 4 amp and rev10's brand new.

david_e_m 04-16-2013 3:38 PM

Understand that when bridged you are running the equivalent of half the impedance load. This means that less input gain is required to reach the same power. 50% sounds a touch high in this scenario.
If you short your amplifier input RCAs (with stereo left to right RCA jumpers) and run the input gain at 50%, which is the highest you would ever run in this application, then any noise you hear is solely owned by the amplifier. Any additional noise is generated upstream in the signal path.
Generally excess noise is a poor pairing of components. When set improperly any device will add noise. All external processors will cause some level of noise.
The older Wetsounds EQ is definitely not as quiet as the new SQ version. However, we have found a large discrepancy in the noise level between consumer-installed systems and pro-installed systems. It's rare that we would install a system with an unacceptable level of hiss. Correct tuning resolves most of this. Sometimes an equipment mismatch contributes and a change of source unit gear or adding a line driver in the proper location cures the issue.

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bass10after 04-16-2013 4:02 PM

Not to take away from his thread, but is the hiss present with the motor off or motor running or both?If you only have hiss when the engine is running what would you recommend to remedy that noise David/Tim?

Midnightv10 04-16-2013 5:03 PM

I also installed a line driver same as TJH.. made a big difference on lowering my gains and my system has ZERO noise.

david_e_m 04-16-2013 6:08 PM

I read no mention by the OP of a difference whether or not the engine was running. If noise appeared with the engine running but wasn't present with the engine off then this could still be the gains in part although there would be a base issue of a supply or ground loop, or just a poor ground.

Earmark Marine

bradcraig78 04-16-2013 7:35 PM

The hiss is there with engine off. It's not the sound you typically get from a ground loop. That wine sound. It's a hiss like you would get on a home stereo system that is turned to max with nothing playing. Except it appears a low level

xstarrider 04-17-2013 10:59 AM

I had the same issue when I upped my system. I originally had pro 60's and a syn 2 with no issue, then 80's with a Syn 2 (no issue) then upped to Rev 8's and a Syn 4 and I all of a sudden had a ton of "white noise". i also had a 420 but the newer version with no gain adjustments. I chased everything for a least a week straight. Mine was a gain issue as well. Even with my gains on my amp barely turned up I could still hear a small amount of "white noise" coming out of the speakers from my drivers seat when no music was playing. I could get it to disappear lowering my gains, but then i would have next to zero volume when i cranked it up. I installed a 4v out head unit and viola it was almost eliminated completely. You will always have a very small amount due to the horns I was explained by Wetsounds that you can hear with your ear up to the horn. So for me in essence a line driver solved my issue as well only mine was part of a new head unit.

jrw160 04-17-2013 11:33 AM

I had a similar issue last year. My problem turned out to be a bad op amp in the ws420 on the tower output. Mine was under a year old, so they warrantied it. It sounds like you have some other issue going with yours.

david_e_m 04-17-2013 11:54 AM

What Swatguy described is a very common scenario. Many of the HUs that are rated in the 2.0 volts area may not be close to that when tested. And when you have a gain mismatch that places all the responsibilty on the next gain stage in line. And that increases the noise floor. Once you have elevated the noise floor it is not going to be corrected downstream. A HU with stronger output voltage is exactly the same as adding a line driver.

Earmark Marine

nmcjr 04-24-2013 6:06 PM


Originally Posted by david_e_m (Post 1817223)
What Swatguy described is a very common scenario. Many of the HUs that are rated in the 2.0 volts area may not be close to that when tested. And when you have a gain mismatch that places all the responsibilty on the next gain stage in line. And that increases the noise floor. Once you have elevated the noise floor it is not going to be corrected downstream. A HU with stronger output voltage is exactly the same as adding a line driver.

Earmark Marine

David, so for someone who has last year's 420, is the best bet to add a line driver, or would swapping to the "SQ" version accomplish the same thing? (with respect to white noise and overall system performance) thx, jr

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