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delmage171 04-16-2013 8:18 AM

1996 Super (Air) Sport Nautique - Winter Upgrades - Wetsounds, Perfect Pass, LEDs
Hey guys. It has been a long winter up in Ontario, Canada. I Have been pretty busy this winter working on my boat. I chipped away at the projects all winter not buying or doing everything at once. Since my last ride in the fall (November 22) I have done the following upgrades.

-2006 Air Nautique Decals to the sides for a more updated look
-Larger NAUTIQUES decals for the transom
-Re-finished Teak platform (added approx 15 coats of teak oil over the course of a month)
-Participated in the planetnautique PTM Mirror group buy and bought one of those
-Faria Depth Finder w/ air & water temp readings
-Participated in the planetnautique perfect pass group buy and bought Stargazer Wakeboard pro with the Nautiques logo in the gauge
-Replaced the faded blue rubrail insert with a new black one from nautiqueparts
-pulled the shelves out from under the combing pads, removed carpet, added 3 cupholders to each side and re-carpeted
-Added REV 10 Tower speakers with LED inserts running off a second SYN4 amp
-Installed Lumitec Seablaze 3 underwater LEDs
-Seadeck gunnel steps

Maintenance stuff

engine oil (Valvoline VR-1 40wt)
transmission oil (Valvoline Dexron)
V-drive Oil (Valvoline SAE 30 Wt)
Raw H20 Impeller

Can not wait to get out on the water!

I put some new rims, tires, levelled my truck with bilsteins & got a performance/tow tuner for my truck over the winter as well so I am stoked to get to the launch with the whole rig!

Hope you guys like my set up
















501s 04-16-2013 8:32 AM

Nicest 96 I've ever seen. Very nice boat! Looks like you put a lot of love into her.

hatepain 04-16-2013 8:40 AM

Looks like you have the 5.0 in your truck. How are you liking the tuner?

The whole setup looks great! Nice job on the upgrades.

Giddyup 04-16-2013 8:41 AM

Great boat
Great looking boat. I'm in canada. I'm in saskatchewan. Winter sucks up here this year, still snow, I can't even get to my boat to get it out to start tinkering with it.

Dmac420sj 04-16-2013 8:54 AM

Your boat looks brand new!! Awesome!

sprocketeer 04-16-2013 9:00 AM

That is smokin', Great Job!

bass10after 04-16-2013 10:22 AM

clean setup and tow rig. I've always been a fan of the super sport and its seating layout vs the straigt L shape of the SAN.

migs 04-16-2013 10:30 AM

incredible. looks better than many 2012/2013 setups out right now.

04-16-2013 10:30 AM

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Nice, I've got a 95. Gotta say, my favorite upgrade is the cupholders, haha. What is that you're using as the floor plug for the old pylon?

Oh, and here is a couple photos of mine. I've done some upgrades too. :)

hillbilly 04-16-2013 10:46 AM

Both of those are good looking rides!!!!
Ialways wanted a Sa until I realised my old knees and back needed a bit more rampy wake....lol

New shiney boats are nice....but there is something about that old 210 hull!!!!

QuickVR4 04-16-2013 12:00 PM

Great looking boats!!!!!!!!!!!

brhanley 04-16-2013 12:11 PM

That T-shirt covering on the trailer bow holder is tight, sperbet.

bcrider 04-16-2013 12:15 PM

Looks great. But now that you leveled the front you need bags for when you tow. Running HID's in my truck I was always getting flashed whenever I towed because of the sag in the rear. Air bags in the rear really helped.

polarbill 04-16-2013 12:49 PM

Both are absolutely sick boats.

That F150 might be the exact truck I would want other than I would want to have a canopy. Love the white, black rims and level kit.

Scott's all white supersport would look insane behind Jason's F150.

jonblarc7 04-16-2013 1:14 PM

One of the best looking super sports

For the hole cover on my old 95 super sport I went to Lowes and bought a round electrical box cover for a few dollar, sprayed it with black truck bed liner and screwed it to the floor. It looked factory and stayed on there until I sold the boat.

04-16-2013 1:52 PM


Originally Posted by brhanley (Post 1817024)
That T-shirt covering on the trailer bow holder is tight, sperbet.

Yeah, that's one of my custom upgrades. haha

04-16-2013 2:00 PM

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Originally Posted by polarbill (Post 1817031)

Scott's all white supersport would look insane behind Jason's F150.

Yep, he's got good taste in trucks. I think it looks pretty good behind mine too. :)

Oh, and sorry to hijack your thread Jason. Just love to see the Super Sport love out there and figured I'd contribute.

slowwwflowww 04-16-2013 2:31 PM

Jason your boat is soooo gorgeous!!

jagermeister 04-16-2013 2:45 PM

My 96 super sport 210 with a Flight Control 3 Tower..



delmage171 04-16-2013 2:53 PM

Thanks for all the comments guys!

Hate pain: my truck is a 2010 so it has the 5.4L. I got tuning from mike @ 5star tuning. It really woke up my truck, shifts awesome now too

Sperbet: I am super stoked on how the cup holders turned out. I changed all the Courtesy lights to LED bulbs so it looks good shining on the cup holders as well.

Your super sport is sickkk too! I have never seen an all white gel coat on an older super sport before! No worries about tossing some pictures up! Gotta spread that super sport love! Post up some more pics of the other projects you have done. Sick Duramax too, my next truck will either be an all white chev Duramax or the new Ford atlas f150 if if comes out

delmage171 04-16-2013 6:55 PM

The cover for my ski pilon is piece of stainless that has a 1/8" lip that seats into the carpet. The previous owner installed that. I don't even have a ski pilon

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