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luke22885 04-15-2013 4:13 PM

Completed stereo upgrade 05 supra 21v
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Just finished winter stereo upgrade last weekend and all I can say is WOW! Came from stock amp powering 4 6.5" in boats and 2 6.5" can on the tower,with bow speakers running off of Head unit. Added a JL 12w3 and pair of rev 10s powered by a JL 700/5 amp. Also added a WS420SQ, custom built ported enclosure for sub, new kickplate, and amp rack since the stock amp was just mounted to the back of the front seat. After contemplating spending the money on everything, I am more than happy with how the overall project turned out. It was the first time I heard a pair of the Rev speakers and I am extremely happy I went wit them. My brother did an excellent job on enclosure and amp rack, which picture of amps is before all wires were cleaned up. If only the weather in Chicago/NW IN would cooperate now so we could get the boat on the water....

HUGE thanks to David and Odin at Earmark for making sure we got all of the items we needed and for helping more than I could have ever asked as far building correct enclosure, wiring everything, and tuning the system after it was complete. I asked so many questions I was starting to feel bad but they were more than willing to help out every time and we learned a lot from this install.

xstarrider 04-15-2013 5:10 PM

Looking good Mike. If only it would get above 40 and stop raining.

luke22885 04-15-2013 6:48 PM

Thanks man, looking forward to getting it out on koontz ASAP.

david_e_m 04-16-2013 11:39 AM

Thanks Mike.
I gotta tell you....your brother is an absolute trooper. The sub enclosure with a long wrap around port to the interior and around a shared angled rear wall was very complex. But he stuck with it. Thanks again.

Earmark Marine

luke22885 04-16-2013 11:47 AM

Yea I think I would of gave up on it but he figured it out and did a great job. It must have wore him out though because we tuned whole system Saturday then Saturday night after getting home he said oh crap I never took the rag out of the port that I jammed in there in order to paint it.

dezul 04-16-2013 12:29 PM

Now you are going to have to work on your tow rig. That thing doesn't look like it could pull the boat up the ramp. ;)

mattgettel 04-16-2013 1:52 PM

Damn good looking job. Anyone that has done their own install will appreciate how clean it looks.
The other thing I like about this thread is the love you showed Earmark Marine. I have never used Earmark, mostly because I have a local guy I consider very good, but it is good to see a vendor supporting his product. If there is a short-coming around here it is in service. Sure, maybe you could have saved 50 bucks on amazon, but those calls that you make to get info on installing and tuning are priceless. In other words, I encourage everyone to deal local and if it is a company like Earmark you will get way more value than the few bucks you could save online.

luke22885 04-16-2013 7:12 PM

Definately agree. Might have been able to figure out something to make it work but would not have turned out nearly as good. I think I had well over 20 emails back and forth along with a few phone calls. Was nice to get everything I needed all together as well which saved on piecing things together from different sites and paying extra shipping.

As far as tow vehicle that's got an diesel motor so I'm good to go... Not. That's the get boat in and out of garage door tow vehicle due to low hitch.

ifinallygota21v 04-16-2013 8:43 PM

Lookin good mike

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