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redsupralaunch 04-11-2013 1:48 PM

Wakeboard polls well in 2020 Olympic Games
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I'm pleasantly surprised how well Wakeboard @ 14.1% polls against Karate, Baseball/Softball, Sports Climbing, and Roller Sports for possible inclusion in 2020 Summer Games. Very close polling results with Wushu 15.5%, then Wrestling 18.5%. Squash 22.1% wins the poll. Also top city pick of Istanbul over Madrid & Tokyo, which is cool because of the Cable parks near Istanbul. I think this poll shows how global cable has become.

andy_nintzel 04-15-2013 2:04 PM

HA wakeboarding lost to Squash that is super funny!

behindtheboat 04-16-2013 1:43 PM

Squash is pushed pretty hard at the local gyms here, in place of raquetball it seems, and especially hard at Lifetime Fitness. Definitely more avid players than a cable park.

How does this show the globalization of cable? It doesn't indicate cable vs general wakeboarding. It might show the general awareness of the "sport" of riding a wakeboard, but not distinguishing it seems more detremental than helpful in the long-run, given USA-WS has tried to get into the Olympics for decades, and this is now their newest endeavor with their membership money and resources.

shawndoggy 04-16-2013 1:46 PM

It also lost to wushu and I don't even know what that is.

Bring back wrestling. duh.

redsupralaunch 04-17-2013 4:54 PM

The poll was conducted by a European based org. Only cable is being considered not general wakeboarding. Looking at how dreadful boat sales are in Europe, I'm not so sure most in Europe know what general wakeboarding is. USA-WS has very little representation here. This is driven by the IWWF World Cable Council which is dominated in Europe/Asia. We were very lucky to get one cable rider on the World Cup.

My point of sharing the poll results was that I was surprised that cable did as well as it did when compared to other sports.

behindtheboat 05-29-2013 2:19 PM


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