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Squid 04-11-2013 1:39 PM

Share your surfing plans...
I thought it would be cool to share your plans this boating season.
You may be able to meet up with others and or meet new friends...

I will be in Powell Aug 7-16 on a house boat surfing every day that I'm not surfing...hehe...

I have been to Navajo (CO/NM) its a great lake with great camping and facilities. We plan to go back later in the season sept-ish

Table Rock lake is also a great destination with Branson MO close by for evening shopping or taking in a show...

I will also be attending all the stops on the Endless Wave Tour, MyWake finals and some World Series of wake-surfing events..

So what's on your calendar?

tonyv420 04-11-2013 2:05 PM

Lake Tye, Wa INT event (June 2nd)
WCO/ Tige' EWT Tour, Camp Far West ,CA (June 5th-10th)
Banks Lake, Wa (July 13th-21st)
Shasta Houseboat Trip Aug. (16th-23rd)
Polar Bear Demo, CA (dates TBD)
and on our local lake, American Lake, Lakewood, WA as often as we can!, At least twice a week, weather permitting!

tmill 04-11-2013 7:07 PM

i plan to ride some events this year

phoenix arizona event in may, cant remember the date right now
lake tye int event june 2nd
possibly going to the WCO but not sure
NWWSA event on lake ty the last weekend in july
going on a surf vacation, stay in minnesota for a week and train with some surf friends, ride in the 10k lakes event, then fly straight to florida for nationals.
worlds in september!

and try to put 120 hrs on my boat surfing this summer!!!

wolfe_drew 04-11-2013 8:38 PM

Trevor, don't book any tickets to FL yet! I recognized the venue posted on fb and it's closer to home for me than the sunshine state. :)

For WC Series events, we plan to be at the Wake Anna event, 10K Lakes, Nationals and World's (if the girls qualify). Hoping that Nate @ Transitions Watersports hosts an event in FL this year as last year was awesome as well as an Endless Wave event, My Wake and any local INT events they add surfing to in Ga.

Life is short. Let's surf.

tmill 04-11-2013 9:42 PM

I heard some rumors of Atlanta but I am definately waiting for scott to post up were it is for sure. I would not put it past him to throw a curve ball on us. You never can be too sure

jdhart73 04-11-2013 11:15 PM

Table Rock Lake all summer.....end of plans

Squid, give me a hollar if you are in the area. I will drag you behind the Z3 and feed you a drink or two!

vman 04-12-2013 11:30 AM

Busy summer:

Lake Powell UT , May 6-12
Lake Pleasant AZ, May 13-19. Arizona Open, May 17-18
Camp Far West CA, West Coast Open, Jun 6-9
Horsetooth Res CO, Shred Fest, Jun 20-23 (Angie only)
Lake Anna VA, Wake Anna, Jul 12-14
Lake Tye WA, NWWSA Open, Jul 26-28
Long Lake MN, 10K Lakes Open, Aug 16-18
Nationals, TBD, Aug 23-25
Lake Las Vegas, NV, World Championships, Sep 27-29

Looking forward to catching up with you guys!

tonyv420 04-12-2013 1:30 PM

^^^ Wow Vman thats a busy next 5 months! I totally forgot the NWWSA in July! I will also be attending that event!

tmill 04-13-2013 9:10 AM


Originally Posted by tonyv420 (Post 1816497)
^^^ Wow Vman thats a busy next 5 months! I totally forgot the NWWSA in July! I will also be attending that event!

Tony, if you have not registered get on it, its Breen filling up fast!

packrat 04-14-2013 9:38 AM

Lake Tye, Wa INT event (June 2nd)
WCO/ Tige' EWT Tour, Camp Far West ,CA (June 5th-10th)
Maybe the Washington INT wakesurf event June 2nd.
Banks Lake in July
And whenever I can score a ride from TonyV, DonB, or H20king.

Squid 04-14-2013 4:45 PM

Thx Jake....sound great...I will..

tonyv420 04-14-2013 9:46 PM

Tmill I'm in!

tonyv420 04-14-2013 9:48 PM

Packrat your in! As long as you can put up with me a$$! Putting that ballast puppy you gave me to work this year!

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