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nitrousbird 04-10-2013 2:33 PM

Best fiberglass repair kit
I made a stupid opps. It was a combo of a mounting block for my amp rack breaking off + the wrong screw = put the tip of a screw through the side of the hull on my Malibu.

Pissed = me. The whole screw didn't got through, just the tip. That part of the hull is white. A tiny chip of fiberglass came out in the process.

I need to fix this myself since the boat is 1/2 my wife's, I'd rather not let her know of my stupid move until after I fix it; she wasn't exactly looking for me to do stereo upgrades to it - not that she minds me spending my money on the boat.

I checked Spectrum for their patch kits, but they don't have a color listed for my year (2001). I don't mind if it doesn't match 100% perfectly as the repair will be so small and near my decal that it won't be noticed as long as I can get it wetsanded smooth and buffed out nicely. I'm also awful at trying to match paint colors, so I'm highly doubting I will get a good color match doing my own mix.

Should I just try their '05-10 white or is there some other color or product I should try? I e-mailed Spectrum a day ago with no response.

williamburell 04-10-2013 5:23 PM

call your manufacturer and get the color code. Spectrum is weird to deal with. Get the code and you can order off the website. Spectrum seems to be alil rude if you are just buying for yourself

jagermeister 04-10-2013 5:32 PM

Well let me tell you.. Matching gelcoat color is an art form... I always leave it to the pros... I know centurion offers gelcoat repair kits.. You might check with malibu..

masonwakerider 04-10-2013 6:28 PM

marine tex white if it is a really small hole, you'll never notice it. been there fixed that (i didnt do it)

lionel 04-10-2013 11:37 PM

Once you pick a white gelcoat put about a quarters worth on a piece of cardboard. Add 2-3 drops of hardener (should come with the gelcoat), take a small paintbrush and dob the gelcoat into the hole. Take a piece of green or blue painters tape and place very lightly over the repair. Let dry for a day. Drys better in warmer weather. Peel the tape, if there is still a low spot, repeat previous steps....

Wet sand with 1500 in one direction until smooth, wet sand with 2500 in one direction to remove 1500 scratches. Buff with rotary buffer using Meguiars diamond cut 105 compound. Wax, done...

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