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rexlex01 04-10-2013 12:16 PM

Need help finding a sub and box.
2 Towers :http://www.exilecaraudio.com/products/sxt65q/

2 Inboats:http://www.exilecaraudio.com/products/sx65c/

1 Amp: http://www.exilecaraudio.com/products/ximultichannel/

HU: http://www.crutchfield.com/p_020M502...2.html?tp=1721

On a budget, please advise.

Older 92 Ski nautique

nitrousbird 04-10-2013 1:08 PM

I just ordered the Exile SX12D, a 4ohm DVC sub. Haven't got it yet but looks like it would be a good match for your setup.


Since everything else in your setup is Exile, I would think this would be a good match amp wise for that sub: SM600.1

rexlex01 04-10-2013 1:59 PM

Would the built-in amp on the HU be enough to run the inboats so that I would'nt have to buy another amp for the sub?

I dont care what brand the sub is. I am open to ideas as to the best place to put the sub.
thanks ahead.

nitrousbird: Is this what you paid for your sub: http://www.amazon.com/Exile-Audio-S1...xile+audio+sub

shawndoggy 04-10-2013 2:02 PM

nitrous, sell him your old basslink.

bryce2320 04-10-2013 2:09 PM

Your inboat speakers will handle 125 watts rms. That head unit is going to put out 18 watts rms to each speaker. I'd say you be wasting having a nice Exile inboat speaker if your going to run it off the HU .02. Do you have 2 pairs of inboats? Or just 1 pair? How loud are you wanting to get with the sub? Ported or sealed? The ideal location would probably be under the helm, if you have room. Does everything have to be brand new equipment? I got on craigslist and searched for a nice sub and amp to put in my boat, and I wanted to go as loud as I can get for 1 sub. I found a 13w7 JL sub and a 1000/1 JL slash amp, for like 4-500 bucks, which is a pretty sweet deal. A few pics of the interior might help people give you a good location to fit the sub based on where the most space is. You'll definitely have to get another amp, IMO.

nitrousbird 04-10-2013 2:15 PM


Originally Posted by shawndoggy (Post 1816138)
nitrous, sell him your old basslink.

I could if he was interested. I considered putting it in my company vehicle (already have an App Radio 1 in there) as it wouldn't cost me anything to do it...but if he is interested I'd consider selling it I suppose. I guess I really don't "need" a sub in my work vehicle.

rexlex01 04-10-2013 2:30 PM

I have only 1 pair of inboats

rexlex01 04-18-2013 4:20 PM

Cannot decide if I should go with:

an Exile S12 in this box:


with a kicker loaded enclosure :http://www.kicker.com/sub_boxes

My budget is $230

nitrousbird 04-18-2013 5:54 PM

I am 100% positive you can buy a nicer sub box than that for not much more.

Why not the Probox 112HB for $74:

And the SX12D for $160:

I know I'm $4 over budget...skip lunch one day.

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